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GeekNights 060927 - Gag Manga Biyori

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GeekNights 060927 - Gag Manga Biyori

I'm going to try making threads for each episode like we used to. If you want to respond to an episode in general or something in a show that doesn't seem to warrant a whole thread, go nuts. If you don't, these threads will probably just sink to the bottom. ^_~


  • I thought the mp3 I downloaded was labeled "Gay Manga Biyori" ???
  • Rym's thing of the day about mountain biking has been removed from YouTube...damn it!
  • I've been too reluctant to watch any anime series that is predominately comedy. So much of comedy is timing, and a dubbed series makes me dubious of its entertainment value. I suppose I could try a dubbed version, but that has its own issues.
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    Hmmmm. I do say that my interest has been piqued regarding Gag Manga Biyori. I must download it.
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    "Ben, you came all the way from America, and you had the easiest name to remember. I will never forget you."
    "Japanese is very very hard. I love sushi, and the veranda is going to crumble."
    Oh god. That was some fine stuff there.
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  • omg I'm not the only person who has seen Elf Princess Rane! That show and Miyuki-chan in Wonderland were my "Excel Saga", the anime that warped my fragile newbie mind :o(
  • I just watches the first episode of Gag Manga Biyori. All I can say is wow...

    That is the most bizarre show ever, and it doesn't help that the character speak very quickly. I am pretty good at reading sub-titles and watching the screen; but that show moves super fast.

    That being said, I have to watch more!
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