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Here's what I think

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Hi everyone, now that I'm a member, I thought I'd answer the call for comments on the 'cast. I'll try to be brief, but no promises.

News discussion - while most of the news items are things I'd heard earlier in the day, your unique spin on things is amusing and occasionally informative.

Tech talk - being a tech-minded person (and a Slashdot lurker for many years), it's great to hear some fairly accurate (except when talking about internet architecture...) and witty banter. Keep it up!

Gaming - while not a boardgamer, nor a Gameboy boy, your enthusiasm makes for entertaining listening. I'm even thinking of buying a German boardgame and using some of the tactics you mentioned in the 'cast to defeat and humiliate my gaming friends. Roleplaying, on the other hand, is my biggest interest, because there's a club where I live that does a bit of everything, RPing, miniatures, card games. Very few 40-year-old wargamers, but more teenage Yu-Gi-Oh players. At least they let me and my posse hang out in the backrooms and 'Mutants and Masterminds' the night away. So I guess what I'm saying is, more of the games talk, please.

Anime - anime is something that happens to other people. I liked Cowboy Beebop, and Akira, and most of Miyazaki's stuff, but I just don't 'get it' in general. Every other geek I hang with does, but not me. Weird. But at least if I listen to the podcast I'll know something of whatever the hell they talk about.

The production values of the show are surprisingly good. I've certainly heard worse. The fact that you have an intro/outro is impressive in my books. If you have musical bits before/after your segment bits, that would kick the podcast into a new level of shinyness.

That's all I have to say for now.



  • That's not a bad idea. A little musical clip leading into a segment...however their flow is so loose that actually splitting it up might be tough.
  • When were we innacurate talking about Internet architecture? Perhaps we were too general or vauge at some point, but we tend to know a lot about that sort of thing. In fact, technology and computing is our number one area of knowledge. We just kind of swayed away from it because some people complained we were over their heads and we're trying to be more interesting and less informative. But if you want us to go for it anyway, we can do that.

    Which german boardgame are you thinking of getting? It's cool that you have a game club. We'd love to talk more about games, but we don't play them often enough. That's mostly because we have a lack of nearby people to play with. We also play D+D much less frequently now that we aren't in college anymore. We could talk about this sort of thing but there is rarely anything to talk about other than "they put out a new useless book to steal your money".

    Perhaps we will have to do a show explaining how geekeries are intertwined and how we got into them. Maybe that will create more renaissance geeks like ourselves who like all things including anime. I honestly think the reason a lot of geeks stick to one hobby is because they aren't properly introduced to the others or because they are too heavily obsessed with one geekery they don't want to subtract time from it for another one. This happens a lot with hobbies like model building where it takes days and days.

    You really think our production is good? That's nice to hear since we get a few complaints. All we use is two radio shack mics, a mixer and some free software. We always wanted to have bumper music and everything. Every other podcast in the universe seems to have all the music they need except ours. We just need to find some music to use that wont get us sued. Expect us to make headway in this department soon.
  • Regarding the internet architecture comment... I recall a slight argument between the two of you about IP or DNS or somesuch. Wasn't that important. No offence intended and all that. As for the tech talk being too much for some, I can see that. There's no reason why you can't talk about interesting tech stuff without being too detailed, though. To me, your viewpoints are more interesting than just a regurgitation of the story.

    Boardgames... I like what I've heard about Tigris and Euphrates, but I guess that would be jumping into the deep end for a newb like me. Where did you guys start? Is there a good beginners game that isn't completely patronising? Can a relatively intelligent guy and his dumbass friends just jump straight into a game like that and get started?

    I like to think of myself as a renaissance geek too, I just haven't found Anime's 'Killer App'. Can anyone on the boards recommend a series or movie that got them interested in the genre? Something a non-Otaku could sink their fangs into?

    Your production quality is more than adequate, but what impresses me most is how consistent it is. Seeing as how this was one of the first non-professional podcasts I've regularly listened to, my standards were fairly high to begin with, and over the past few weeks I've heard podcasts that sound like they were recorded in someone's bathroom. With them sitting on the can. A few of them probably do. So, yes, I do like the show's production. But what do people complain about? I can't imagine it's anything too serious. The show is for free, people!
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    Settlers of Cattan is typically the board game that gets most people into German board games; it's fairly simple, plays quickly, has ample opportunity for jokes and/or trash talk, and is all around fun. Carcassonne and Alhambra are also two fairly easy games that can have complex strategies. T&E is a bit more advanced, at least as far as strategy is concerned, but a fairly intelligent person picks it up after 1 game, perhaps two at the most.

    You've already seen Bebop, which is essentially one of the greatest anime series...ever. I dare say it is, in fact, THE best series, ever. The other two legs of the holy trinity of anime, at least as far as most people say, are Trigun and Neon Genesis Evangelion (hereafter referred to as Eva); those are two of the best series ever, and are generally rather enjoyable to watch, though Eva is a bit, uh, much, at times. Full Metal Alchemist is a relatively recent series that is also very watchable and accessible to the non-Otaku.

    Personally, I got into anime via the Patlabor movies and the first Ghost in the Shell movie, as well as Lensman. I'd reccomend either of the first two, Patlabor or GitS; Lensman is, well, not so good.

    EDIT: Also, 10 points for your name; Macbeth is one of my personal favorites.
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  • No offense taken! ^_^ In fact, we'd want you guys to call us out if we're wrong about something. As for talking about tech, I think we've given up on having a main segment about it every week. We seem to be covering it whenever we have something to say as part of the news bits, and I imagine we'll do in-depth shows about it periodically as interesting things come up.

    Now, if you're looking for a good gateway board game, I'm starting a topic on that shortly. Better, you gave me a good idea: we'll do a show about how we got into board games, what games hooked us, and all that jazz. Maybe we'll even review all the great games we used to love, but simply got sick of playing over the years.

    As for anime... I'll start another discussion about that as well ^_^

    Regarding the audio, we're definitly not complete n00bs. ^_~ I played the trumpet semi-professionally for several years, and I studied audio production at uni as an elective. I'm no pro, but I think I've got a decent grasp of what I'm doing.

    I really appreciate the compliment! ^_^ The people who have complained did so about some really minor things that we're working on. Scott doesn't use a pop filter, so his levels tend to jump around if we're not careful. Also, my computer is an ancient husk, and I've been doing the recording single track to save time on the post-production side.

    Maybe we'll do a show sometime on what it takes to produce this thing: what compressors and filters we use and all that.
  • Woo, I agree with Thane, even the tech stuff I don't quite understand is interesting simply by virtue of your enthusiasm :) It really does feel like I'm sitting in your apartment listening to you argue/banter/tell stories. ^_^

    Rym, write down all these podcast ideas if you haven't already :P Because sometimes you'll mention something "on air" that you might do, and I'm like "holy shit I really want to hear that!" But then I never hear about it again =\

    As for the anime! I started in a weird way.... Sailor Moon -> Vampire Hunter D -> Eva -> Rayearth -> explosion from there. Yeah. Magical Girl to really gory...
    As for what to get into - you say you like roleplaying games alot, so you might like Record of Lodoss War. Basically, the story is like someone's dungeons and dragons game. Plus, it's a classic, and *very pretty*, with a sweeeet soundtrack. Mmmmm mmmm.
  • "Rym, write down all these podcast ideas if you haven't already :P Because sometimes you'll mention something "on air" that you might do, and I'm like "holy shit I really want to hear that!" But then I never hear about it again =\"

    Believe me, we've got a hopper. We're saving all of the in-depth topics for Mondays or Thursdays of the future, mostly to ensure that we've done our research and have enough to say to cover a whole show. Some of the topics are pending a certain guest or interview, and some are just on hold until we get some other ones out of our systems.

    Some nights, we're just not in the mood to talk about some things. We refuse to force ourselves: we don't like it, and I'm sure you listeners wouldn't either ;^) But believe me when I say that we've got all of those ideas in queue ^_^

    (However, being absent-minded as I am, perhaps you could elucidate me as to just which future bits sounded the most interesting to you =P)
  • Mostly it was stories that I was looking forward to hearing. There were a few that sounded really cool but the one I remember was when you got the anime club to watch a screensaver for an hour or something.
  • That was an awesome time.
  • Wasn't it though? They tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end, it didn't even matter.
  • Go, orange sphere, go! You can do it!
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