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Bumper music between bits

edited December 2005 in GeekNights
My current idea concerning bit music is simply to have a short piano melody for each type of bit. We're talking a couple of quick measures at most. Definitely in keeping with our "late show" theme. I'll make a few as soon as I get a chance to run a cable over to the piano.

Good idea? Bad idea?

Does anyone have any suggestions for just how we should transition between the bits?


  • I like the sound of that, but let's see how it works out. You current opening music seems to have a more smooth and jazzy feeling, I think that's one of the reasons that the first attempt at bumper music didn't work as well.

    Do you still have your trumpet? The two pieces of your opening theme are the chimes and the horn, maybe using those in some fashion might work.
  • I thought about that. Sadly, my trumpet requires an acid bath, and I require a couple months of rehabilitation before my chops return to their former glory.

    Actually, I might have a hot lead on some good guitar work from some friends back at RIT ^_^
  • I second the call for jazzy or somehow late-showish bumper music. The opening/closing music is quite cool, and it should fit with that.
  • Well, we've added something jazzy for the "Thing of the Day" bit. Any feedback? Too short? Too long?

    (Bonus points if you can tell me what it's from)
  • I, at least, like the new music. It fits nicely with the existing style.

    Can't tell you what it's from; it sounds vaguely familiar, so either I'm imagining that or it's something I haven't heard for many years. Some 80s-90s TV show?
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