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About the podcast...

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Just wondering, what kind of listenership have you got?

I would have thought quite a few people would have started listening after a link to here was put in some comments on /.


  • It's hard to say, actually. If we're to believe feedburner, we have about 50 regular listeners. Feedburner only counts people who use our RSS feed, however. Lots of people we know just go to the site every night.

    Downloads of older episodes are rising at a steady rate, to the point that it seems many new listeners are starting at the beginning and working their way up. It appears that many people skip episodes they aren't interested in as well.

    Keep in mind that we're fairly new at this. We have no meaningful statistics yet. Happily, though, the raw numbers are rising at a steady and consistent rate. Give us another month or two, and we'll have some real numbers to offer.

    Or, you know, plug us to your friends =P
  • Yeah, those comments on slashdot. Those are from us :)
  • "Yeah, those comments on slashdot. Those are from us :)"

    Just spoil the magic why don't you?
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