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Considering the massive amounts of feedback we've been getting about our "Buying a Computer" series, we're considering the following:

Tuesdays and Wednesdays will remain gaming and anime/comics/manga respectively. Thursdays will remain interviews and special, one-shot topics.

Mondays, however, will become "ongoing series." They'll mostly be tech-related, but occaisionally we may drift into more esoteric topics. Regardless, the distinguishing factor will be that they're SERIES.

Following with that, we ESPECIALLY encourage comments and feedback regarding the Monday podcasts from now on. Being serial, we'll plan on devoting a section of each to your reactions and ideas from the previous.

Once "Buying a Computer" runs its course, we may do "Getting Started with Linux," "So you want to be an IT/CS Major," or any number of other topics. Any ideas are welcome and appreciated.

Of course, this is just an idea. What do you think?


  • Your mother was a hamster, and your...


    Seems to be an interesting idea. You've come up with a lot of good potential ideas for Mondays; I say now is a good time to start running with some of them. They all sound great hypothetically, but you won't really know until you go ahead and try one out and then get some feedback.
  • cool. I'll try to call in sometime soon.
    BTW can you cut down on the inside jokes? Or at least explain them.
  • Ok then, I loved yesterday's podcast. I sure could have used a "Getting Started on Linux" podcast a few months ago, when I was trying to get it set up myself. I got it, and did so without any help. It's really quite easy, you just have to know what to do. But... I've been trying to get Gentoo on my computer and... I erased a whole bunch of data that I needed. I had to make the filesystem on my ext3 partition and I did it on my Windows partition by mistake and lost everything. (Actually that turned out good because Windoze is running much faster now) I switched back to Kubuntu.

    Wow, i'm bad at staying on topic.
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