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Episode 25 - The Crap Episode

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There wasn't so much for us to talk about today. And with a daily show, that's to be expected on occasion. What should we do in these sorts of situations? Is there anyone who would rather have no podcast as opposed to a shitty podcast? Should we discuss normal news as opposed to geek news if forced to? Just looking for some ideas, because we sure don't have any.


  • The way I see it, nobody's paying you to produce the show, and people's livelihoods don't depend on you putting it out there. Consistent output is a good thing, but you shouldn't have to sacrifice quality. Hell, I'm amazed you manage more than one show a week. So, essentially, don't force it. If it's not going to work out, just let it slide for one day. It will probably lead to an even better show the next day.
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    I don't think you should discuss non-geek news if you you feel forced to, but if you guys feel that way inclined I say go for it. One of the high points of the show is the conversational nature of the discussion of the news, and if that carries through to non-geek news it would be just as entertaining.

    I know I've stated that I want the show as long as you guys can manage it, but if you guys just aren't having fun with a show, it probably shouldn't be released. The show's only fun if you're entertained. You aren't on real radio, so you don't have any show format other then the one you create for yourselves, so if you feel a section of the show needs to be skipped, let it slide.

    Extra Thought: You should probably re-record the closing bit, to include the phone number for the show. Did you find any words in the number? Usable, I mean.
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  • Actually, we were going to re-record that closing bit this weekend. ^_^

    As for this episode, it had more to do with the fact that we were tired and cranky ;^) I think that, in the future, if we have trouble doing a show, we'll just tell a story: our equivalent of a "dead Piro day."

    Once we start getting audio feedback, we'll use those days for response episodes. Once we have a larger archive of them, we'll use those days for funny "outtakes" episodes. ^_^
  • Nope, no funny words in the phone number.
  • A suggestion for the dead days:
    -go back over old podcasts and talk about the unexplained inside jokes.
  • You shouldn't stay away from the non-geekery topics occasionally because if you want to keep your podcast in the informal conversational mood you'll have to let yourself go off topic a bit. I usually enjoy when people let the conversation flow and go off somewhere else entirely (just like our normal conversations do)
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