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Episode 15 - A bunch of crazy stuff

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In this podcast we get a little crazy go nuts. Everyone talk about something crazy go nuts that happened to you recently. Or just talk about any of the things we discussed in the podcast.


  • A comment on the purse and electronic devices..

    Rym mentioned the Trenchcoat for carrying his electronics and I agree 100% now that it's trenchcoat weather my DS goes everywhere with me ^_^
  • Ahh, trenchcoats.. ^_^ Honestly, though, I recently picked up a canvas briefcase/messenger bag that's seeing much use in my trips to the city.
  • I have to do 30 hours of observation in schools and write a 20-30 page research paper that I've barely started by Dec 9th! WHEEE!
  • How's that coming? Since you have 2 days left and all :(
  • Paper's almost done, observations almost done. Got a week extension on my paper cause someone died.
  • "Luckily, he died."
  • You guys mentioned about 'some small community college with an awesome teacher'. I figure I would add my experience with this. As many of you know I transferred into RIT, I first graduated with my 2 year in Computer Science from SUNY Morrisville.

    Well, it just so happens that that school had a very small CS department, which consisted of two professors. One was the really awesome CS teacher Norman Cohen (my favorite professor), the second was a guy in the math department who acted as the CS department head (he did have a CS degree) but never taught CS classes.

    What was awesome is he was very proud of his >50% drop out rate from the initial CS class. Most of those would drop out in the first few weeks, many because he would pull them aside and just say "you don't belong here". Then more people would end up dropping out or changing majors before the end of the second semester. Also, passing calculus was a requirement to graduate.

    This made CS very cool there, because you had all the basics in the first year, and while it would start out with 30-35 students in the major, by the beginning of the second year there was 7 or 8 left (size of my graudating class). The classes during the second year were C programming (first year was pascal, now switched to java), Graphics, assembly language and 'advanced programming techniques'. The last one was a very open ended class, but did include AI. We were actually supposed to get a playstation net yaroze for the C class, but at the same time he got funding they stopped selling them :(. Instead we got LEGO Mindstorms, and programmed them in a C like language (still fun but not nearly as cool)

    In fact a lot of the high level (even some of the /grad/ level stuff) I did at RIT I had already learned or been exposed to in that second year at Morrisville.
  • Actually somehow I made that comment because I remember you saying something like that. But now I have the details. ph33r.
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