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Episode 8 - Webcomics

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In our latest episode we talked about all the different webcomics we read and why we like them. What webcomics are your favorites and why?


  • VG Cats because of it's irreverant obscene humor.
  • I wanted to talk about it, but Scott pooh-poohed every comic I read that he doesn't. I cut out large segments of the show that were just him badmouthing comics ;^)
    Because I like it.
  • Sup guyz, i just joined and i love the webcomics!!!
  • Webcomics...I think I read all the ones you mentioned, for many of the same reasons. Others:

    Sluggy Freelance ( has its ups and downs, but at its best is weird and funny and has well-told story arcs.

    Girl Genius ( is a Phil Foglio thing...was print for a while, and now is online. Steam-powered fantasy goodness.

    I also recently found Scary Go Round (out of your links, actually), and find it clever. Props to the evil jellyfish.
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    Well, like Rym, I used to read Eversummer Eve. Good god does it sound like the name of a douche. The fact that I can't see the archives without paying is kinda eh though - I'd rather they just release a book that I can buy. ^_^

    I also read a webmanga called Flipside. I haven't looked at it for like 2 years.... but it was a neat fantasy story about a female jester called Maytag. The art has gotten WAY better since I read it, but the story is HUGE and cool. Check it out at .... make sure you read Book 0 in the archives, because it's the first 500 pages of plot. :) Even if the art is a little old.

    Edit: Apparently Book 0 isn't necessary. You can just go to Chap 1 of Book 1 and they re introduce everyone again for new readers. My bad.

    And thank you guys, for introducing me to Order of the Stick. I seriously love it. And it gave me something to discuss with a friend of a friend who liked D&D and read it. Win!
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  • Ahh, Eversummer Eve. The archives are pay-to-read now, so I'm only reading because I used to read... If I ever miss more than one or two, I'm done with it. Webcomics want to be free! ;^)

    Say what you will, but I love College Roomies from Hell. It's one of my favourite comics. Thing is, it's strange, and the only way to really appreciate it is to read the whole freaking thing. (The archives are, shall we say, large.)
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