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PAX: Left Behind

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Since the forum is pretty quiet today and since many of us still have work and school and stuff that we want to be distracted from, I thought we could just have a fun, free-form chat thread. Tell me forumites, what are you up to right now?


  • It's 4:43 AM and I'll probably be going to sleep soon, but for now I'm getting started on Game of Thrones; I just watched the first episode.
  • I'm sitting in a bar in Botswana, using the first free internet I've had for the entire 5 week Africa trip. Except for the lack of free internet access, it's been an awesome 5 week trip. Home on Monday!
  • I just finished putting in job apps and am presently killing time watching PAX live streams until my buddy can log in for some SW:TOR action.
  • I am at work reading more of The Order of the Stick.
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    I just arrived at my parent's house in Jersey after an awesome Indian buffet lunch with my cousin. PAX wasn't really an option this year because of the Easter weekend. I'm not a religious fellow, but it's still a great opportunity to see my extended family (we're all really close).

    Tonight, combination going away party/Mario Tennis Tournament for one of my oldest friends who is about to move to Wisconsin (he got a job at Epic Software). Maybe I'll even get some homework done today... the sky's the limit!

    ...but next year I'm PAXing the fuck out of Boston.
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  • Just sitting at University waiting for class to start, reading about affective death spirals and where to find them.
  • Working on my car + work.
  • I'm revising an introduction letter for my resume before class. A professional classical guitar quartet is giving a workshop for us today, so I'm looking forward to that. I might go to their performance tonight as well. Also, I'm listening to the absolutely stellar new Badbadnotgood album.

  • I just got back from work, and I'm about to do all of the laundry. I also just learned that Sno-Caps are bad.
  • Did you guys remember we have an IRC channel on at #Geeknights?

    No, you didn't. Nobody but me ever goes there anymore. Pop in for a visit if you're lonely.
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    I'm at work. Work work work.

    Tomorrow I'm going with Trogdor to see Opeth, Mastodon and Ghost in Toronto, though, so that takes some of the pain and jealousy off. :\
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  • I'm in Prague, chillin' with some musics in the hostel since I'm sick, hanging around the Facebooks.
  • Faxing and printing out letters for medical decisions for claimants that are on workers compensation. Fun Fun Fun.
  • I'm at work. Work work work.
    More work?

  • At work for a few more hours, fixing some small bugs and working on porting our web application from one server to another. Then going down to Portland to visit the girlfriend's family for the weekend. So I'll be off the forum for the weekend too :P
  • Just got home for Passover break, gonna cook up some ribs in a little while.
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    I'm at work. Work work work.
    More work?

    Since browsing the forums = work, that's debatable.

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  • I'm writing a reflection paper for English, then once that's done, I'm writing an essay for math.
  • I'm at work. Work work work.
    More work?
  • Finishing up Tokyo Vice.
  • Finishing off a Hoegaarden before heading to bed.
    Also playing the waiting game of waiting to hear back from an interview I had on Tuesday. Dam long weekend means the earliest I will hear from them is Tuesday.
  • That stuff tastes like banana peels
  • I biked to the northern end of Reseda boulevard (fuck that hill), turned around, then cruised all the way down to about Parthenia. According to My Tracks, I hit a top downhill speed of 37.5MPH! It was incredible! Flying downhill at those speeds on asphalt on a mountain bike with a knobby tire up front and a smooth tire in back, blasting "Scootaloo's Defense System" on my speaker... amazing.

    I need to get one of those goPro cameras and put it on my bike.
  • I just aquired a coffee maker. It's actually pretty good, I'm just finishing my second cup now - I used the pod for the first one, then spent five minutes figuring out how to re-use the pods, and now I'm using my own coffee with it.
  • Pod? Is it one of those Krupp things?
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    Naw, I'm not that cashed up, but it's similar. It's an Expressi machine from Aldi. Surprisingly good little machine, actually, especially for the price - I paid 70 for that, and a comparable Krups machine is $200+ around here.

    Observe, if you would -
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