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Episode 37 - Television from Childhood

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It's... nostalgia time! Let's all share those fond memories of childhood television.

If that doesn't make you cry I don't know what will.


  • I don't know what Rym was saying about Mask being higher quality then some of the other crap cartoons. I loved mask and they had the awesome toys but man. The show sucks. I downloaded the first eps in college and was surprised how crappy it actually was. Far more then anything else I had seen.

    Now DinoRiders, they were cool. (at least the toys were)

    3-2-1 Contact!

    Reading Rainbow!
  • M.A.S.K. actually got quite a bit better later, and the comic prequels were actually decent. The early and late episodes, however were CRAP CRAP CRAP.

    It did have the best toys at least.
  • 3-2-1 Contact! and Newton's Apple (I think that was the name of the show) were a couple of my favorites. Of course, I was a weird kid; I liked Nova too.

    I still maintain that while I love Thundercats, it's just as bad as He-Man.
  • The Amazing New Screen Technology is E-paper, or whatever term Sony wants to use. It's been floating around as a concept for a few years, it's just not been ready for prime-time before this. One of the benefits is the persistent image, it doesn't refresh every few seconds. That's why it doesn't hurt the eyes.
  • I saw reading rainbow this last monday. New Intro and everything. I think they are still running it with Lamar.
  • Does anyone remember ghost writer?
  • I remember that Newton show. Whenever the intro came on it was time to turn off the TV. Thundercats is actually way better than He-Man. If you want we can do a side by side comparison. Reading Rainbow was sometimes fun, but sometimes not.
  • I remember Ghost Writer. I loved that freakin' show.

    Of course, Shining Time Station for the win. There's nothing like realizing in adulthood that George Carlin had a much larger role in your life than you had initially thought.
  • I remember Ghost Writer. I liked it as well. And Reading Rainbow.
    But I have to admit that I was never really into the shows geared towards kids when I was a kid. the shows I watched were on the History Channel and Japanese period dramas.
    Brute Force, Luftwaffe, and GeGeGe no Kitaro were some of my favorite shows.
  • Oh man. You remember Silverhawks? Peopel fell off or out of their vehicles...and continued to fall downwards...into space...

    It took me untill college when I saw it again after like, twenty years that I realised just how goofy that show was.
  • Cadillacs & Dinosaurs.

    Am I the only one who remembers it?
  • I had the comic book.
  • I remember Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. Why did you have to remind me? Anyone remember the SEGA Genesis game of it?
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