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Any Fans of David Sirlin? Yomi Tutorial Video

edited July 2010 in Board Games
I heard Rym and Scott on the show saying they liked fighting games, but they have never been good at them. I have recently stumbled upon a card game that is designed to simulate the types of decisions you make in fighting games (but without the timing and dexterity requirements). It's designed by David Sirlin (author of Playing to Win, one of my favorite books on the subject of gaming). You can play it online for free, but there arn't a whole lot of people to play with yet, so I thought i'd spread the word.

I created a video that explains the game and shows it in progress. You can find that video here:

You can find the rules for the game and all of the cards at Sirlin's website:

And you can play online here: (alpha version, has some bugs)

I really love the artwork, and the game itself is pretty engaging. The cost is unfortunate though. I don't mind playing online, but I wish I could afford to have the whole set. Sirlin is producing this all himself though, so he cannot generate a print run high enough to get the cost down. Can't fault him for that. I can only hope that enough people buy the first print run that he can afford a larger print run in the future that gets the costs down.



  • Interesting. It vaguely reminds me of the UFS card games, albeit a bit easier to follow as far as how the flow of game play works.
  • I'm a fan of his design philosophy and his articles on game design. I hope that counts.
  • Pandante is my favorite game he's ever made. Maybe the best? I get the feeling most people in the universe aren't as impressed as I am.
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