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AnimeSols Shutting down May 1st

Watch what you can if you have the time:
Interesting experiment that had 3 nice titles released. Too bad they couldn't do more. They had no marketing budget.
I joined this forum mainly because I heard Rym & Scott say, Suggest anime for us to review. I was going to suggest Hurricane Polimar on Anime Sols, but I was too late.


  • Never heard of that site before. Oh well.

    Welcome to the forum, SEGAfan.
  • I've never heard of it, either. Was it a Crunchyroll-type thing?
  • It was basically a kickstarter for anime, mostly older stuff like Dear Brother, Yaterman, and the Amazing Three, but occasionally something new like Black Jack. It was an interesting experiment, and I'm sad to see them go, but they never really had a chance in the first place.
  • Yeah, it was a kickstarter type website. It was a partnership with Pierrot, Tezuka, Tatsunoko, & YTV to bring older anime to America. They successfully funded Creamy Mami, Black Jack, & Dear Brother for a DVD release. There are several other anime on the website, but they didn't reach the funding goal.
    They decided to switch strategies & have lower funding goals just to translate & stream 13 episode chunks. They succeeded with Dororo, but apparently that wasn't enough to keep it going.
    Discotek Media ended up licensing Dororo after the closure announcement. Hopefully Discotek picks up the rest of the titles that didn't make it.
    Interesting anecdote, there was a Blu-ray release of Creamy Mami, but reviews were saying it was a crappy release (much like Viz & Sailor Moon I would think) & Anime Sols was the better version.
  • I knew about it and posted about it here.. :-p
  • Cremlian said:

    I knew about it and posted about it here.. :-p

    I knew about it, but the site was so shady I didn't trust it.
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