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GeekNights Thursday - Josephine Fu

Tonight on GeekNights, we have Josephine Fu, Game Producer at Date Nighto, here to talk about their latest project - Hustle Cat - and what it's like to work for a small game studio. We also return to our old "Profiles in Geek" shtick with a deep interview on her anime preferences, hobbies, and all that fun stuff. Hustle Cat is on Kickstarter, and has just ONE WEEK left to go!

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  • Coming to you early since I'm busy tomorrow!
  • That stinger. You coughed into the microphone.

  • I will add a vote on Dropsy for a game to play, it is an amazing experience to uncover the story that is going on and without he use of any text.
  • Can confirm that Return of the Joker is the best Batman thing.
  • That was the best story about hats told by a Scott that I have ever heard.
  • Hustle Cat/DN got plugged at one of the PAX panels in my theatre, which was a pleasant surprise.
  • Awesome to hear Return of the Joker's unrated release get some love.
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