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Future of Forum



  • I think Discourse will work, we will just have to spend a lot of time configuring all of its ten million settings before we go over there.
  • Rym said:

    For someone who's been here a decade or more, imagine a decade from now reading an old thread from past you?

    Ive been posting since I was 14. @Pegu since he was 12. Theres some terrifying shit here from then im sure.
  • My job this week is to fully poke at Discourse. Scott is ultra particular and already poked at it a lot. But I have my own poking to do.

    I have to confirm absolutely that the "weird shit" in Discourse won't make us have a bad time later on.
  • The future's starting to look OK.
  • I'll start packing the wagon with supplied. This journey will be long and hard, but most of us will make it through.
  • Crossing the river will still be tough.
  • Before it's all set and done, somebody will die of dysentery.
  • Oh god, I was a pretty terrible kid in high school. I'm still terrible in many ways now, but I used to be a significantly worse human being.
  • As your resident Native American History nerd, I offer consult on any relocation attempts.
  • I went through a pretty cringy period when I was in early high school here. I disappeared for some but now for some reason I'm back.
  • Also my avatar broke and I wish I could transfer that
  • I'm gonna spam bullets on so many buffalo
  • New forum down, all hands to battle stations.
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