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GeekNights is going to Otakon!

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It looks like we'll be running a panel at Otakon, in addition to doing a show there live! Stay tuned for more details.


  • Holy fuck.

  • Can you give us details about this panel?
  • We're still working out the details. Basically, it looks like we'll do a panel on podcasting: what it is, how to listen, how to publish, etc... Then, we'll record a show live at the panel.

    We'll likely interview the staff, and maybe some guests if they're up for it. We also may have a table set up in a common area for a few hours to do another show.

    It's early yet, so we can't say specifically how it will all come together. ^_^
  • You could always broadcast the birthday of awesome that shall occur on Saturday night too ^_^
  • Awesome.

    This doesn't really qualify as hitting the big time, but it is a larger time. :)
  • Honestly, we'll probably bulk up the hosting before the con, or else move the mp3s themselves off-site.
  • Wooo! That's so exciting. Rym, I have to marvel at the ways you're able to weasel yourself into all the crazybig happenings at Otakon. :P Really though, congrats!! It can only mean good things for the show :)
  • Weaseling into things is my primary skill in life ;^)
  • Honestly, though, it's not that difficult to get into these sorts of things. For getting GeekNights at Otakon, all I did was ask. (Granted, I'm sure it helped that I've been a panelist for some four years there, not to mention my experience with other cons and RIT Anime).

    As for the Club Summit panel, I'll note that it was a similar matter. Way back, we attended it only to discover that the people who were supposed to be running it never showed up. Being adventurous, we walked up and ran the panel ourselves.

    Afterward, the staffer in the room told us to apply for the panel ourselves the next year. We did, and have run it ever since ^_^

    I suppose the moral here is to just be bold. The worst someone can do is say no.
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