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Episode 13 - Geek Fables Segment

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What do you think of the geek fables segment? We're almost certaintly going to make Thursdays into interview days. That leaves only Monday undecided. If the geek fables are good we can do them every Monday and we'll be all set. If you don't like it, we need ideas. We are willing to experiment until we get it just right. We also considered eliminating a day, would anyone care?

Ideally we would be playing more board games and RPGs so that we could do those on Monday, video games on Tuesday and anime/manga/comics on Wednesday. But we don't have enough action in that department to make it work. Listener input needed and desired!


  • It seems like you guys have a lot of ideas as to what Mondays COULD be, so why not just choose from all of them? Make Monday a random topic day; you pick one topic from a sea of possibilities that you've already discussed. One Monday could be a geek fable, one could be about board games, one could be your aforementioned "How not to suck..." bit.
  • I honestly liked the "Wheel of Morality" bit. You should bring it back on occation.

    I also liked the personal stories. Honestly, I'm surprised Rym didn't tell the story about his old haunted house.

    Oh, and the "banana phone" story from otakon as told by Rym gives me a chuckle just thinking about it.

    I think maybe breaking up material may give you better show brakdowns. For instance, instead of telling us about every game in one go, split it up into two parts. Do one on Monday, the other on Wednsday or something. That way you can have definate material to go off of on another show and will always have something to talk about.

    Monday - News then techi stuff then games

    Wednsday - Fables of geekery (What ever hapened to Shitcocklesstan anyhow?), anime, and something else.
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