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Episode 58 - Just Talking

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Okay, this episode is what happens when we are totally drained. But as long as we are still human beings and our podcast is still four days a week this is going to happen from time to time. And although it may not be good for you, it's good for us. So I'd especially like to get feedback on whether you liked this episode or not. If you don't then we can try extra hard to avoid it in the future. And if you do we wont feel bad doing it once every few weeks when we are burnt out.


  • As far as the Red Cross...
    all I can think of is the medic in Team Fortress. He might have a red cross on him (then again, I don't remember exactly), yet he kills people. Maybe they don't like that. Who knows, they might be talking about such an ancient game as that.

    I believe they used the words "misuse", and I don't really get that. A medkit has a red cross on it. What other symbol is it going to have? It heals you. That's about as Red Cross as you can get.

  • The Gorillaz had a problem with the red cross when making their music video "Dirty Harry". they had to change the logo on the vehicle that they were riding from a red cross to a grey cross. Not too much of a biggie though just wanted to let you know that the Red Cross is not only going after the video game industry.

    This podcast was fine. The only podcast I didn't like was the FPS one, only because I don't give a damn about them. So as long as the topic is on something that I car about and I understand whats going on, its fine. I think my favorite podcast is the food podcast with Adam because it was hilarious. Also, reverse non sequitur, I like the "rym doesn't care bit".
  • "A respected scientist who works for a government agency."

    Man, you'd think I'd hired you as my PR agent or something.

    The episode was fine. I think people are just generally entertained by you guys talking.
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    The Red Cross has to be paranoid about how their symbols are used not because of trademark concerns but because the ways they are to be used are set out in the Geneva conventions, for example in identifying medical personel and facilities during times of combat. If people get the idea that people wearing the Red Cross might shoot at you and can be shot at, like the medic in Team Fortress, the mark loses it's ability to protect it's wearers. Wikipedia has a fair bit of info on the topic (the Geneva Conventions and Red Cross are good starting points.)
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