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So when you get your nice logos and such, have you considered making flyers or something for us to download and post wherever we desire?


  • That's an EXCELLENT idea. I can guarantee to you that we'll have all sorts of fun promotional thingies available as soon as we can get it all together.

    Honestly, the only reason for the holdup (on art, the new theme, etc...) is simply that we don't have time. We could skip a couple episodes and get everything done, but you don't want that now do you? ;^)

    Expect big changes (for the better!) starting early next month as our con season winds down a little.
  • No, do NOT skip episodes for it, ever. GeekNights is one of the few things I have to relieve my boredom at work.
  • You know, there are other podcasts out there you can listen to. Don't unsubscribe from us, but if you need more entertainment we're not the only gig in town.
  • Yeah, but until I get a bigger memory card, my crappy mp3 player can only hold at most 3 episodes of GeekNights or a handful of songs, so my options are limited at the moment.
  • d00d, does your MP3 player have vacuum tubes too? I thought my half-gig Shuffle was bad (and it is)! My sympathies.

    Here's a suggestion to solve the problem: Micro-Episodes!

    Rym | Scott: "Welcome to GeekNights!"

    Rym: "I don't give a shit"

    Scott: *Insert random inside joke here*

    Rym & Scott: "Goodnight, suckers!"

    What do you think? AtheriShadow could save dozens of these on his player, for literally minutes of top-shelf infotainment!
  • Hehe, that's a pretty accurate representation of GeekNights. Still a sick podcast though.
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