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Site design

edited November 2005 in GeekNights
There were a couple of things that might make your website more surfable:

For the Rym's Thing and Scott's Thing links, make them suckers open in a new window. Not everyone uses firefox. :P This way people who are firefox-unprivilaged can look at the links without having to go back and forth every time.

Also, howsabout a link to the main FRC site from the forums?


  • Actually, I HATE it when anyone makes a link open in a new window. If I click on a link, I expect it to replace whatever page I'm on. If I don't want that, I open it in a tab. Popping links bother me almost more than flash sites. ;^) You could always right-click and select "open in new window"

    As for the latter, yeah. We definitly will add a link back when we get around to it.
  • Why wouldn't you use Firefox, anyway? You do know that there's an unpatched hole in IE that would allow me to take over your computer, and all you'd have to do is visit a web site I'd made with a tiny bit of javascript on it?
  • didn't I hear on Slashdot or something that Firefox has a bunch of holes as well and people are starting to expliot them now that 10% of the people browsing the internet use it now.

    *fully expects Rym to take control of his computer*
  • Firefox had holes, none right now. And when it has holes they have patches within a day. Also, the holes are never that severe. They always seem to only affect people who do stupid stuff like visit strange sites.

    IE HAS holes still open. Big holes. Like, you can visit a website and if it has a bad javascript they can take over your whole computer. And Microsoft only releases fixes on the second Tuesday of each month. And there is no guarantee that the fix for that problem will be in there. If it isn't, you have to wait an entire month again. And there is no guarantee the fix will come then either.
  • I have to us IE at my work no matter want.. we are a GLP work place and we are not allowed to install outside programs other then the ones already validated.
  • Don't install them. Get a USB memory stick and put Firefox on it. Also keep your bookmarks and stuff on it too. Then just run Firefox off the memory stick. You can put all kinds of applications on there other than Firefox. There's gaim, thunderbird, mplayer, etc. Go nuts, depending on what size stick you get.
  • Wow.. If your work requires you to use Internet Explorer, you should mention the massive and crippling security holes to someone and get that changed.

    If they don't believe you, direct them here:

    The above is a working example of the exploit. It will execute calc.exe on your computer. There is no patch, and no patch is forthcoming. If we wanted, we could make THIS FORUM download and install Firefox onto your computer without your consent. Easily.
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