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GeekNights 070830 - How to Not Suck at YouTube

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Tonight on GeekNights: How to Not Suck at making YouTube videos.

Scott's GeekBite - Grand Admiral Thrawn

Rym's News - Copyright Clusterfuck
Scott's Thing - Pictures from Cuba

Rym's Thing - Invisible Drum Kit


  • Now, I have to ask. Why aren't there any tourists in Cuba anymore? I missed going there earlier this year by a month because of finals. Really I just felt like pointing out that the US is the only country (though I have a sneaking suspicion that Israel may have one as well, but I'm really not sure nor is that the point) that has an embargo with Cuba. In fact there was quite a reaction when the US re-enforced it. But I do agree that the US seems to be afraid of a Cuba where communism works. Then again they also seem to be afraid of a Canada where capitalism works, oh and pants.
  • Regarding the Star Wars geekbacks - I'd say "fanfiction" is a pretty good way to describe the better part of Star Wars novels.  The other part being those written by Vondra K. MacIntire or people who know her.  Those were so much worse than fanfiction...
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    1) Rowan is great. The percussion is a tape; he's timed his performance to match. Awesome.

    2) I never use a bookmark.

    3) I read the Zahn trilogy when I was 13. At the time, I believe it was the only Star Wars-licensed novel adaptation out there. I echo Scott's assessment.

    4) I got a new job yesterday, and I am overly happy right now.
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    I live extremely close to Canada, and have considered going on a package tour to Cuba out of Montreal. However, I talked to a lot of people who have been there, and the general consensus is that there are many nicer places to visit. Most tourists to Cuba only see the fenced off resorts. Regular Cubans can't even enter these areas. Everyone I know who has seen other parts of the island aren't exactly raving about the place. What it does have going for it is that it's cheap to visit - cheaper than the Dominican Republic. That's because Americans can't go there. So Canadians, etc. get some great deals by traveling to Cuba. Check out Tripcentral to see some sample prices. Of the numerous islands listed, Cuba is the cheapest.

    For some reason, many Americans think that Cuba is some sort of utopia. It's not. People don't risk their lives in inflatable rafts to leave a utopia. I'd like to see trade restored, because that can only help the people and encourage capitalism. I suspect that will happen sooner than later.
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  • There were a lot of people who stole youtube stuff and used it in their masquerade at Otakon. Especially Candy Mountain...

    Come to Candy Mountain Charlie. *shiver* After the 300th time, it's not funny anymore. I__I

    Has anyone noticed that half the videos on youtube involve Naruto?
  • Cat Parachute: someone has to be able to do better than this.
  • For some reason a certain episode of the Simpsons comes to mind. It is the one where Homer and Mr. Burns run off to Cuba because the US government wants Mr. Burns' one trillion dollar bill. It cuts to a scene of Fidel and his cronies sitting around in Fidel's office talking about how Cuba is now bankrupt and Communism is over. They are just about to call the US President and explain things when Homer and Mr. Burns enter. Fidel asks Mr. Burns (after some talking from Homer) if he can hold the amazing trillion dollar bill. Homer vouches for Fidel and Mr. Burns hands it over. Fidel does some sleight of hand and when Mr. Burns asks for it back Fidel is all, "what trillion dollar bill?"

    After Homer and Mr. Burns leave fidel and his buddies start to party!
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    If you're looking for a novel very much like Galactic Patrol, please try The Skylark of Space. It's written by the same author, the characters are awesome, and it's way, way better than any Star Wars or Star Trek book.

    A more recent book in the same vein is The Sky People, which I heartily recommend. It's written in the same style as the Lensman and Skylark series with a hero that takes no crap from anyone, and it takes place in a universe in which early twentieth century science fiction ideas about the solar system are true, e.g. Venus is a jungle planet teeming with life and Mars is a dying world with an old civilization.
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