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    Hey all,

    I'm Justin, been listening for years and figured, hey why not actually interact with some like-minded folks.

    So I'm mainly a gamer: video, board, card, table top. But I'm also quite a tech guy (being a mostly PC gamer), slightly trained in networking, and self taught in some coding.
    I tried creating some Netrunner content a couple years ago, but got busy and couldn't keep pace with the game. I've since mounted my empty data packs in a frames in my game room :)

    In terms of anime I've always been surrounded by friends who love it, and I've taken to a few myself, but never really been able to call it a geekery of mine. This means that I get waaay less value out of the cons I've been to, plus i'm in Canadia so it's a long way to go for anything good (Fan Expo has lost me forever).

    Back in college I was mad into my gaming club, which was basically skip classes during the day and play all kinds of table top board and card games; then turned into a party crew for the evenings. I love me my fellow geeks!

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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm Neil Nadelman, usually better known as that anime translator guy who does Totally Lame Anime at Anime Weekend Atlanta and Anime North every year. I've been a longtime listener to the podcast and decided to finally register on the forums here and see what goes on.

    When I'm not living with anime every day of my adult life (Which isn't a total dream job, but I'll be damned if I can figure out what else to do with my life at this point), I can be found either playing lots and lots of Elite Dangerous or else possibly ripping holes in the walls of my condo in another attempt to upgrade the place. I'm also getting ready to stand guard against creeping crypto-fascism as 2016 shudders to the end of a miserable year.

    Glad to be here!
  • Oh my god it's Celebrity Translator Neil Nadelman.
    docsane said:

    I can be found either playing lots and lots of Elite Dangerous

    Right On, Commander.

  • Churba said:

    Oh my god it's Celebrity Translator Neil Nadelman.

    I've really enjoyed your GME appearances talking about MLP. Thanks for those, and welcome!
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