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GeekNights Thursday - Furniture

Furniture is the topic of tonight's GeekNights. But first, Rym explains why there wasn't an episode on Tuesday (but happily, it will rise from the dead thanks in large part to @tresi), and Apple has thrown the baby out with the bathwater banning ALL instances of the rebel traitor flag in the App Store, including historical, cultural, and other entirely benign uses (e.g., a Civil War simulation game). We also talk about doctors and the hypochondrium, but hopefully neither one of us is dying.

Check out our video of Bad Games from PAX South, as well as snippets from it on Go, MOBAs, and Racewalking!

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  • As someone who justed moved to anew apartment furniture has been heavy on my mind and spent way too much time at my local ikea store. DYK that ikea has a rewards program that gives you a free coffee or tea every tine you visit the store? It's a nice thing to be had.

    As for your tabletop clone I will add another show to your reference list, Game night.

    It's a BGG creation that is a superior tabletop show, however because the lack of Internet people is falling short in several areas but they do manage how to explain the rules to a T and make it fun to get through that experience.

    I need to get some more photos of my place to share some design by budget choices.
  • I know what's wrong with Scott.

    He is covetous.
  • Starfox said:

    I know what's wrong with Scott.

    He is covetous.


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  • Used fancy furniture you say...
  • The first bed and mattress I bought when I moved out of my parents was an Ikea (slat/ flatpack design), I disassembled and reassembled that in 5 different places, (apartments, houses) in different states. It is possible for you to re-use the cheap Ikea furniture. However due to the chipboard interior you can easily wear away any shapes from pegs and what not in the past. I prefer my bed to a box spring on most any day.

    Apparently I'm old too because I like looking through some of the Ikea shots and also the stupidly expensive furniture stores, a lot of which are just rectangles and cubes but with prices well over what I am willing to spend on furniture (at the moment anyway).

    You guys have some nice high ceilings due to the old style buildings.

    What you could have accompanied with this episode (if Scott's apartment hadn't been hit by a bomb) would be a photosphere that we could see on Google Cardboard in VR to show off your Ikea style furniture placements and how small / big your apartments are.
  • Cinderblock-style furniture can be fun and awesome sometimes: in highschool my desk in my room was a door that we'd put legs on, with a couple filing cabinets on it.
  • We bought a bed frame from Ikea and it's so fucked now. Somehow the panels warped and have bowed some. So occasionally with movement on the bed the slats will just fall off the rails. It's so annoying.
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    There was a lot of ammo in this episode if someone wants to bring back the "Why people think Rym and Scott are gay" thread
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  • I was discussing furniture with my girlfriend just today. We're going to move in together and I said I'd bring my queen sized sleigh bed and she has a bed for her son, but we're going to need to buy just about everything else. This should be fun.
  • sK0pe said:

    You guys have some nice high ceilings due to the old style buildings.

    Hardly. In the US, most people have pretty low ceilings, regardless of if they live in a house or an apartment. Super old places often had higher ceilings, but they are the minority.

    In houses, higher ceilings are a luxury upgrade from the default. People typically have 8' or so. Nice places would have 10'. Expensive new homes will push it 12-14', but it's considered a luxury feature in new construction.

    In apartments, it's the same deal. Most apartments have pretty low ceilings. But new luxury apartments have higher and higher ones due to demand at the upper price levels.

    Our current place has ridiculously high ceilings. It was built in 2008.

  • The only places I've seen with high cielings are penthouses and old people condos in tropical places like Florida/Arizona.
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    I got really lucky with furniture. Around the time I was moving out a family friend who did house clearances for people needed fairly major help. When the issue of payment came up I just told him to keep an eye out for nice furniture I could have. So I got 2 free couches and a bunch of chairs and tables. Then not long after I moved someone my dad knew was moving from a house to a small apartment and were fretting about how much it was costing just to get someone to transport and dispose of all the stuff they didn't want/couldn't keep, so I was just like "I will take it all". So I wound up with a load of display cabinets, shelves and an oak chest of drawers.

    Don't know about America but here in the UK a lot of charity shops have awesome old wooden furniture for cheap because people tend to donate it in-staid of paying for someone to come throw it out or taking the time to sell it. I got a massive wardrobe for something like half what IKEA were selling a similar sized and much less durable equivalent for.

    Also I totally lost my shit when Rym mentioned his desk collapsing into rubbish as that's exactly what happened to mine when I moved, the second I removed my PC which I guess was propping the whole thing up the desk sort of folded in half sideways and exploded into dowels and sawdust.
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  • There are plenty of charity and antique/used furniture shops in the US. There is even one literally across the street from my apartment. The prices are cheap, but most of the furniture they have is old people style. You may be able to make it stylish in a vintage way. It may or may not be well built. It is almost never practical.
  • Does a refrigerator count as furniture?
  • Daikun said:

    Does a refrigerator count as furniture?

    No, it's an appliance.
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    To be fair a lot of the stuff I got was old people style. But I live in an old Victorian place with ridiculously massive rooms, high ceilings, dado rails higher than most peoples ceilings etc. I lack the interior decorating skills required to prevent any major item of furniture that isn't old people style from looking silly and out of place.
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    We recently (within the last 6 months) replaced all 3 of our computer desks in the living room. IKEA sells these relatively inexpensive sawhorse style adjustable "legs" and various sized slabs to throw on them. I think we spent a total of $150 building 3 desks from them. For some reason the white laminated ones were far cheaper than the woodgrain ones, like 80% cheaper. They work fine. Even though the slabs weren't pre-drilled for mounting like some of the larger ones they sell, some Liquid Nails worked great to make them permanent and sturdy.

    I guess that's sort of the new modernist. Mostly everything in our house is just whatever's cheap and practical. I'd like to have a keyboard tray but it's not a deal breaker. The sawhorses have shelves built into the bottom where they widen out so there's a place to keep my stuff off the floor. We got cheap $1 knock off Rubbermaid containers (also from IKEA) to stack on them in place of drawers.
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  • muppet said:

    I'd like to have a keyboard tray but it's not a deal breaker

    You should check out Ikea Hackers.
  • sK0pe said:

    muppet said:

    I'd like to have a keyboard tray but it's not a deal breaker

    You should check out Ikea Hackers.
    That is a cool site. :) I think I've seen it before but I'm gonna bookmark it now. Love the tidbit on that page about where the "studs" are hidden in the Expedit desk. Good stuff!
  • Thoughts dump from this episode:

    The problem with doctors offices is always the staff. Every interaction is painful. Use ZocDoc to book your doctor, as it takes the bullshit out of their schedule booking procedures. Find your time and book it yourself. I also have an Angie's List account due to owning two properties, but it has the side benefit of having decent healthcare provider ratings.

    Bryant Park does indeed have legendary public restrooms, especially when you consider what's available elsewhere in the city. It is a glorious place to poop.

    Mississippi really is worthless, isn't it? Even when you hear these stories about "the government is building some insanely expensive piece of military equipment, and congress keeps making more, because pieces are manufactured in 49 states," that state they left out is probably Mississippi.

    If you want to talk about college furniture, you've gotta hear about rich kids at Princeton. The tradition there is to just abandon your furniture from last year and come next fall with brand new stuff. They started a big donation drive where they just asked people to drag their stuff into roped-off areas, and the resulting piles of furniture were mind-boggling. I worked at Princeton for a year doing conference and event planning. We'd book student housing for overnight events, and have to do room checks prior to doing so. It was not unheard of to walk into a dorm room, over after the semester concluded, and discover that a student had packed a small back and just vanished. Left everything, expecting it all to be thrown out. I took home a lot of that furniture.

    If you really like interior design and want to feel jealous, subscribe to r/roomporn

    I really want a Geek Chic table. I'm surprised this did not come up. The ship's table is also a badass idea, and I would consider stealing it, but I have really nice skylights that it'd interfere with.

    I never plan on moving again, so my house is mostly IKEA, and I love it. After a few years, it pays to just go in and tighten all of your cams. Also, don't be afraid to slap wood glue in there when you are assembling. As Rym said, a lot of this stuff can't even be taken apart anymore, or it self destructs.

    We even bought a big sectional couch from IKEA, and it's been working out great. So much cheaper than any other couch and is showing no signs of wear after two years. Installation was a bitch, requiring you line up some monster-sized bolts underneath the couch sections. There are pre-drilled holes you have to pass the bolts through, and one of our holes was mis-aligned by several inches, so I had to drill my own. I didn't think those Swedes made mistakes. I thought I was surely fucking it up, but I was right in the end. I quadruple-checked before taking a hole saw to my thousand-dollar purchase.

  • One of my good friends is now a certified MD, although he doesn't have a specialty yet or anything. But at least it means I can get questions asked whenever I need them asked haha.
  • My girlfriend has come up with a compromise: if I let her furnish the bedroom in a more feminine fashion she'll let me furnish the living room in a more masculine fashion. Kind of a win-win, it'll be my bed anyway in the bedroom.
  • Most of my furniture is from thrift stores, but its halfway decent. My desk is one of those fold up tables like you'd bring camping but its actually pretty sturdy and its one less thing to move.
  • My girlfriend has come up with a compromise: if I let her furnish the bedroom in a more feminine fashion she'll let me furnish the living room in a more masculine fashion. Kind of a win-win, it'll be my bed anyway in the bedroom.

    What is a "feminine" fashion as opposed to a "masculine" one?

    Like, what gender is this coffee table?


  • Well she wants more bright, girly colors whereas I'm used to slightly more somber colors.

    Also I don't really care about the coffee table. It can identify however it wants.
  • That coffee table clearly has a wang...
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    That coffee table is clearly nekogender, shitlord.
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  • Well she wants more bright, girly colors whereas I'm used to slightly more somber colors.

    I wouldn't call bright colors girly. Emily prefers somber, muted, dark colors and thin minimalistic lines.

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