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PAX South 2016



  • Nope, they dropped out. Was originally there, and now no longer.
  • b/c Scott asked so nicely over on Reddit, I asked the FFG booth contact if he could please snag a copy of Star Wars: Rebellion for PAX South. Their plan at the moment is to just run X-Wing and Netrunner demo tables.
  • Matt said:

    b/c Scott asked so nicely over on Reddit, I asked the FFG booth contact if he could please snag a copy of Star Wars: Rebellion for PAX South. Their plan at the moment is to just run X-Wing and Netrunner demo tables.

    Awww yissss
  • No dice, unfortunately. They air-shipped a batch in but every single copy was allocated to reviewers and youtubers for PR reasons. There are zero copies at FFG from now until the boat arrives (very soon). Was promised a copy for PAX East though, along with a TON of FFG games being added to the library.
  • It's time to start preparing my game packing strategy. (It's also time to start making my FreeMarket character, but we'll get there)
  • I can probably manage enough space for: Kemet/Tera Mystica, Hansa/Shadow Hunters, Rococo, Tzolkin/Colt Express, Sushi Go, Hanabi, Cheaty Mages, Welcome to the Dungeon.
    The first two may be too taxing for inventory space though.
  • I have to pack my ski equipment as well as my gaming equipment.

    What this means is I'm bringing no games myself except for my 3DS and a Freemarket character sheet.
  • Camera equipment and necessities are taking up most of my travel space. I will still be packing Netrunner cards, Freemarket sheet, and the fragments of a game that I am making that is, at best, 10% done.
  • I'm packing squads for X-Wing and Imperial Assault (which both take up incredibly little space when you only bring what you need to play). I also have to hand-carry a library donation given to me at BGG.con (Dice City form AEG. Lots of hype... very poor game).

    I think that's going to be it for me. If I stick with that, I can fly with just a backpack and tiny baby carry-on. I'll roll up a canvas bag in case I acquire stuff at PAX, and can check the carry-on for free.
  • Update your 3DS, Nintendo released an update today.
  • Because of all the modules, 504 has very little air in the box. Food Chain Magnate, too. I might have some creative reboxing in store.

    Fresh Fish and Roll for the Galaxy are on the fence, I'll bring them on request. The OG Saint Petersburg is coming because it's so small and easy to rebox.

    I'm looking at Schnappchen Jagd and Wizard Extreme for sure (card games are easy to pack), and considering a handful of the games I've been enjoying recently like Grand Austria Hotel and Food Chain Magnate.

    If ThatGent is bringing Tzolkin, I'll leave my copy at home.
  • Probably bringing Machi Koro and another light game.
  • I'm very much down for more Grand Austria and Food Chain Magnate
  • Final count: Hansa, shadow hunters, colt, rococo, all small games, and two hasty netrunner decks.
  • I made a geeklist for it. Technically, I have Freemarket with me as well:
  • Video ball needs to find a way to add video ball guy.
  • ThatGent said:

    Video ball needs to find a way to add video ball guy.

  • That was indeed a really good PAX
  • I was very happy with that PAX. It was my first South, and normally at East I have a bunch of friends that go, and I split my time between them. I only went with one guy I knew this time, so I spent most of my PAX time with him and his group. Seeing a PAX through the eyes of the Pinny Arcade people was a whole new experience.

    I also did a bunch of geocaching on the San Antonio Riverwalk, that is such a cool area. On Monday, after dropping off some Pin Pals at the Houston Airport, I continued driving east, and I am currently in New Orleans. Today I got to play with some baby alligators, and toured a Civil War era plantation house. Yeah Vacation!
  • NeoNeo
    edited February 2016
    This was my first PAX Enforcing. I really enjoyed helping out and seeing the behind the scenes work necessary to put on PAX as well as meeting & hanging out with cool fellow Enforcers. But it did get in the way occasionally as well, though nothing major. I'd really like to continue to do it in the future.

    There were definitely more people than last year but not to a crazy degree and there was still a bit of a relaxed or low-key vibe to either the people, the schedule, or both compared to Prime.
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  • I read through your slides for Designing Games. They're great. Is there any chance you recorded it and will put the video up? :)
  • Turns out CliffyB is the sort of piece of shit that everyone expected.

  • Tl;DR, he publicly accused a woman of being a fake nerd girl and "appropriating" nerd culture. Then he went apeshit on twitter when people called him on it.
  • The surprising part is not that he's a douchebag, which you could tell from a mile away. It's that he clearly knew it. And not only did he know it, I believe he was honestly trying to fix it. Therefore he should have known how to at least maintain the front. It's not that hard. The fact that the darkness in his heart could not be contained shows just how strong it is.
  • I gave him the benefit of the doubt, when I should have maintained my full doubt.
  • Same.
    And calling out Olivia Munn is the most 2005 thing I've ever heard.
  • Olivia Munn as Sloan Sabbith is actually ties with Catherine Zeta-Jones as possibly the most attractive woman on the planet.
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