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    Psychology notes 111109
    Autism Studies

    There are many types of autism, from high functioning to low functioning. People like Temple Grandin and Stephen Wiltsire, they posses great skill in a certain area of their lives, but are impaired socially. Symptoms of autism include, communication problems, lack of social interaction and limited imagination.

    Baron-Cohen, Lesie and Frith, performed an experiment titled “Does the autistic child have “Theory of Mind”?”. Theory of mind is the ability to recognise that others have minds, thoughts, knowledge and emotions. They wanted to show that there was a cognitive impairments and not just abuse from parents as was previously thought. The test involved 20 autistic children, 14 Downs Syndrome and 27 “normal” children.

    Average age (years)
    Verbal Mental age
    Non Verbal mental age
    Children with Autism (20)
    Children with Downs syndrome (14)
    “Normal Children” (27)

    The Sally-Anne Test

    The Sally-Anne Test involves two dolls, named Sally and Anne. Sally has a marble which she puts in a box. Sally then leaves. Anne takes the marble out of the box and puts it in her box. Sally came back into the room and then the children were asked these four questions.
    1.Naming Question: What are the names of the dolls?
    2.Belief Question: Were will Sally look for the marble?
    3.Reality Question: Where is the marble really?
    4.Memory Question: Where was the marble in the beginning?

    Answered “Belief Question: Were will Sally look for the marble?” correctly
    % of correct answers
    Autistic Children (20)
    4 out of 20
    Downs Syndrome (14)
    12 out of 14
    “Normal” (27)
    23 out of 27

    Simon Baron-Cohen,
    Study of high functioning autistic adults, “normals” and Tourette's syndrome subjects. The subjects average I.Q. was around 90-110. However the Asperger's and Tourette's subjects had developmental disorders during childhood. It was thought that Asperger's and Tourette's related to the same area of the brain caused by genetic factors. It was believed that these disorders usually affect men more than women

    In the study, there were 16 Asperger's subjects (13 male, 3 female) with an average I.Q. of 105, they came from all over England. There were 50 “normal” subjects (25 male, 25 female) with an average I.Q. of 104, they all came from the Cambridge area with no mental problems. There were 10 Tourette's subjects (8 male, 2 female) with an average I.Q. of 103 all from the London area.

    The Eyes test
    Each of these people was either tested at home or in the researchers laboratory, but it was a quiet atmosphere. They were shown pictures of people eyes for three seconds and then were told to answer questions about the emotions shown by the eyes, given two possible answers.

    The strange stories test
    This was a test made by Happe, one of the tests is told like this. Sally and Jill are playing. Sally picks up a Banana and holds it to her ear and exclaims “Look, it's a telephone”. Why is Sally saying the Banana is a phone? A series of these types of tests is performed as well as a gender recognition test and a Basic emotional

    Eyes Task (out of 25)
    Gender Task (out of 25)
    Strange Stories Task

    The strange stories test backs up the eyes test, they are concurrent. If the gender identification also supported the other two, then I would been triangulation

    Eyes Task
    Gender recognition

    Strengths and weaknesses

    This experiment is strong because it has control of many variables,
    But this is a quasi experiment because they did not manipulate the independent variables, but relied on a pre-existing conditions. This weakens the test slightly, but it allows us to study naturally occurring conditions ethically. It also has concurrent validity, the strange stories test backs up the eyes test as a valid measure of ToM. However because this is a quasi experiment we cannot show cause and affect. This also lacks ecological validity, because the subjects are in a laboratory setting, which may effect the autistic subjects especially.
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    On the first day Evan got a banana.
    And his stomach was without form and void; and the hunger within it was deep.
    And Evan said let there be banana, and there was banana.
    And Evan saw the the banana, that it was good; and Evan divided the outer bit from the inner bit.
    And Evan called the outer bit the peel, and the inner bit the fruit.
    And Evan said let this banana enter my mouth so that I may separate it with my teeth.
    And Evan separated it with his teeth; he called it delicious.
    And Evan looked upon the Banana peel and said let it be cast into the trash bin, and it was so.
    And Evan looked at his full belly and saw everything he had eaten, and, behold, it was good.
    And Evan ended his work which he had eaten; and he rested on the office chair from his work which he had eaten.
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