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What are some of your favorite J-pop bands/music? I want to get some more J-pop music, hence I am looking for suggestions.


  • The Pillows, but I think thats J-rock also Asian Kung-Fu Generation which is also J-rock, but good music none the less
  • I have three artists that I can think of offhand. Miz, who did the opening song for Grandia III.  Rie Fu, the singer of the first Bleach ending theme.  Tommy February6 who did the opener for Paradise Kiss, I believe.

    I've downloaded an ablum of each and I have found that I also enjoy their other music, not just the anime related songs.
  • I'm not sure if the following go under J-pop, but I like bits and pieces of T.M. Revolution, Nami Tamaki, Aya Hirano, Megumi Hayashibara, High and Mighty Color, L'arc~en~ciel, Rie Tanaka, and Yoko Ishida's stuff.
  • What about Mell, who did the intro for Black Lagoon???
  • I really like Koda Kumi. And Sweetbox. I also really like Gackt.
  • Rie Fu ftw, as well as FLOW.
  • I'm a big Yoko Kanno and Yuki Kajiura fan, however I guess they don't really fall in what you think of as J-Pop. I generally like Do As Infinity. Maaya Sakamoto too, but that sort of falls under Yoko Kanno for a large part.

    I've liked all the Rei Fu I've heard, but that isn't much - in addition to that Bleach ending she also did the one for Darker than Black. I generally like songs that have both proper and grammatical Japanese and proper and grammatical English.

    Now, if you can alternate English and Japanese by phrase rather than stanza that's even better. There's this one Namie Amuro song, Come, that does that really really well but I can't say I've heard anything else by her I've been that impressed by.

    Oh, and Younha is good and probably counts as J-Pop even if she is Korean.
  • My problem with Rie Fu is that while she knows English, she has a ridiculous time making it flow in a song. You'll hear her cram in several words in spaces where they don't do too well.

    It's almost as irritating as the "Engrish" other artists use.
  • When I visited Japan, I picked up a cd by an artist named Shiina Ringo who is amazing. The album flows between genres. One song will be electronic, the next will be jazz. I need to find that CD and put it on my computer. I considered buying her other albums, but they cost $40 through Amazon.
  • I can second The Pillows and add Beat Crusaders, even though they're both rock bands and not pop.
  • I'm a huge fan of Puffy AmiYumi, although their last album sucked. I've seen them the last two summers, but their website hasn't been updated at all this year, so they may not be coming again.
  • Has anyone, besides me, heard anything by "Hybrid JAP" or "Verriet"? They may suffer from some "engrish" in the lyrics, but they do rock.

    I also like Rie Fu, Beat Crusaders, Hyde, The Pillows, Bana, MELL, Yuki Kajiura, and Yoko Kanno. By the way, does anyone know where I can find "Te No Hira Wo Taiyou Ni' " from GITS: 2nd Gig?
  • By the way, does anyone know where I can find "Te No Hira Wo Taiyou Ni' " from GITS: 2nd Gig?
    Get the entire OSTs with the bit torrents. Either that or buy the non-bootleg CDs from
  • I already have all 4 of the official OSTs and (spoiler alert?) the tune that the Tachikomas sing while saving the Major simply is not on any of the albums. I wasn't sure if it was buried in another tune, or released as a special single, or on another Yoko Kanno CD. I know that it is a Japanese children's song, but I cannot even find a version sung by anyone. It is one of those rare scenes that got both my wife and I misty-eyed and I cannot help but feel that anyone's GITS collection would be incomplete without it...
  • Then it probably isn't available on cd, your only other option is to rip the audio from the dvd.
  • I like Miyavi, Gackt, SKIN, L'Arc-en-ciel, Ayumi Hamasaki, and a buncha others.
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    Ore Ska Band, if that counts as "Pop".
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    Ore Ska Band
    I love them.
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    So, I necro'd this thread in order to ask the forumites with help assembling a good J-pop playlist. Anything goes.
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    Asakusa Jinta/Hyakki no Gyoretsu/Death March Kantai is easily my favorite band to come out of Japanland. Not J-pop, but certainly J-something.

    The Yoshida Brothers to excellent non-traditional shamisen musics.

    Other stuffs:
    The Cherry Coke$ - Irish punk. From Japan.
    Mai Yamane's stuff off the Cowboy Bebop soundtracks
    Monkey Majik are good by themselves, but the three song single (Change) they did with the Yoshida Brothers is amazing
    Doping Panda, GO!GO!7188, Home Made 家族, Hysteric Blue, Sambomaster, YMCK, 175R
    The Disney cover albums - Mosh Pit on Disney and Dive into Disney are both really good.
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    Hajime Chitose sings really good Okinawan pop.
    I like Spitz. They have been around forever, and many of their songs are very nostalgic for me.
    I like Plastic Tree, which reminds me of Smashing Pumpkins a little bit in terms of their arrangement.
    Lunkhead, Gackt, Hyde (and his bands), and Ajikan all get played a fair bit.

    Let me go look at my itunes, and I'll get back to you.
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    The Pillows, T.M.Revolution/Abingdon Boys School, JAM Project, and VAMPS are my personal favorites. T.M.R. and JAM Project tend to be rather poppy, although JAM Project covers a lot of genres. The Pillows do more soft rock, VAMPS are hard rock, and Abingdon Boys School is kind of pop rock.
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  • The kyarypamupamu album is out and it's good, as to be expected from Yasutaka Nakata.

    Also, been super addicted to this capsule song lately:

    And just for good measure, my favorite Perfume track:

  • This weekend my friend and I took a road trip to Japan Expo USA to see our current favorite j-pop idol group perform. They're the shit. Everyone should listen to them.

  • This weekend my friend and I took a road trip to Japan Expo USA to see our current favorite j-pop idol group perform. They're the shit. Everyone should listen to them.

    I'm a huge fan of idol groups, and I have not heard of them. Are they a new group? They remind me of Momoiroclover Z. I'll check them out some but I can't find too many of their songs.
  • Wow, I feel eight again. That's not necessarily a bad thing.
  • I am all over Scandal at the moment really seems to hit the spot. I have a couple of AKB48 albums to burn through then after that plow through the thread.

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