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  • There's a first time for everything.

    They're down 1.25 important players to injuries.

  • That was the longest two minute I've seen.
  • Hawks treated half the game like they were on the power play.

    That last tripping call was complete bullshit evening. Didn't matter.
  • As much as I wanted Tampa Bay to win, the Blackhawks were the better team.

    Their defense was unreal.
  • It was a legit call. Stick made contact with shoe and guy fell.
    The energy in this match though, I was half expecting the ring to topple on some of those checks.
  • Personally, I'm still pissed about 2010, but I'm happy for Kimmo.
  • Goodbye Carl. Miiss you.

    Welcome Emerson!

  • Don Sweeney is criminally insane.
  • Flyers are doing well. Drafted two good prospects in the first round and managed to ship away some of its overpriced defencemen.
    PyreKing said:

    Don Sweeney is criminally insane.

    Yeah, he is nuts.
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    After the whole debacle with Voynov apparently being a wife beater, the Kings now have terminated Mike Richards contract. They were apparently going to buy him out after his career was destroyed by concussions (which is a bit sad and ironic considering one of his hits, pretty much the only dirty one he has ever thrown, was one of the catalysts for the anti-headshot rules). However, there is apparently some dirty shit going down and Richards is in breach of his contract allowing the Kings to terminate. And by dirty shit I mean stuff that tabloid papers make their living off of.

    Also, Hall of Fame announcement coming up. Federov and Lidstrom are locks (shut up Rym) and Pronger is also likely going in, which is odd since he still under an active contract and was traded only a couple of days ago. But since he didn't play since 2011 and the HHOF changed its rules last year he is eligible. Fourth slot? Maybe Recchi or Lindros. I hope that Lindros finally makes it. Also Pat Burns needs to get in as a builder.
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  • Pat Burns was inducted as a builder in last year's class. I'm convinced Lindros will get in eventually, as Cam Neeley was inducted with a similar resumé.

    I think Recchi will get in this year.
  • The Flyers traded Zac Rinaldo to Boston for a 3rd round pick.

    To put this into perspective, Rinaldo is a meathead. He is a terrible hockey player whose only real skill is putting hits on players, and often these are not exactly legal considering he has been suspended or fined on at least 5 different incidents in the last 4 seasons. His minutes played and minutes punished are almost balanced. I am glad that the team is rid of him and I've been laughing my head off for half an hour over the fact that they managed to get a 3rd for a guy who isn't worth a bag of pucks. Rinaldo is an Embarrassment, but thanks Sweeney.

    Also, HHOF Class:
    Hockey Hall of Fame class of 2015: Chris Pronger, Nick Lidstrom, Sergei Federov, Phil Housley, Angela Ruggiero, Bill Hay, Peter Karmanos.

    Lindros snubbed again, but Pronger is in so I'm happy.
  • PyreKing said:

    Pat Burns was inducted as a builder in last year's class. I'm convinced Lindros will get in eventually, as Cam Neeley was inducted with a similar resumé.

    I think Recchi will get in this year.

    Sorry, I meant Pat Quinn, not Pat Burns. Anyway, he got passed over which is a shame. Also, you posted your stuff after the announcement was made :P
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    Don Sweeney somehow managed to make worse moves than Mike Milbury in under a week.

    I might watch the Sabres this year. The Bruins will be lucky to place 6th in the Atlantic Division.
    chaosof99 said:

    Sorry, I meant Pat Quinn, not Pat Burns. Anyway, he got passed over which is a shame. Also, you posted your stuff after the announcement was made :P

    I saw the announcement on twitter right after I said that. Pat Quinn definitely deserves to get in.

    Honestly shocked that Recchi wasn't chosen. Phil Housley doesn't have any Stanley Cups or major awards to justify being inducted over him.
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  • Free Agency starts today. Let's watch a lot of GMs lose their minds today.

    Also, it's been reported that the "material breach" for which the LA Kings terminated Mike Richards contract was him being arrested at the Canadian border for carrying oxycodone.

    Anyway, there is definitely a legal battle coming up with him still being owed several million on his contract.
  • Wow, that came out fast. I thought we would have to wait for the news of what he did to come from the mounties. Makes sense that someone who plays ice hockey would take painkillers.
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    Free Agency is in full swing. The big news incl. Glenn Sather no longer being the GM of the Rangers but remains as team president, Jack Eichel (drafted second overall just a couple of days ago) signing with the Sabres, and that the Penguins once again gutting their system and mortgaging their future by acquiring Phil Kessel from the Leafs. At least Kapanen's kid is no longer a Penguin.

    Hextall remains great by signing the last remaining piece to put a full NHL roster on the ice: Michal Neuvirth as backup goalie for a solid 1.625 million in each of the next two years. Still more than 4 million left in cap space (minus whatever Del Zotto will cost us) and possibly more if we can get rid of Lecavalier and Umberger.
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  • No joke, Lou Lamouriello is now the GM of the Maple Leafs.
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    Well, hockey is almost upon us. The Flyers look, ehhhhh, okay. They might contend for a playoff spot, mostly through addition by subtraction as happened in the offseason and will probably continue mid-season. They still net to jettison Lecavalier, Umberger, MacDonald and possibly the Schenn brothers. By next year probably some of the deep, deep pool of defensemen prospects will be ready so anything good that happens this year is just gravy.

    Looking forward to another year of kicking the shit out of the Penguins though.
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  • chaosof99 said:

    Looking forward to another year of kicking the shit out of the Penguins though.

    A tradition that is already a bright spot each year.
  • My girlfriends parents were in town. Seeing as they are hockey fans, I kidnapped them and took them down to The Rinks at Anaheim for the first day of Ducks training camp. We only stayed about an hour but we saw almost the entire roster perform some drill or another.

    Man, it was good to get near the ice. Maybe I should look into learning to skate so I can coach and/or play in an old mans league.

    Fun fact: My girlfriends father is the cousin of Ray Bourque. I am, in fact, dating kin and kind of Ray Bourque, one of the greatest defenseman the NHL has ever seen. You may all kneel now.
  • Season is right around the corner and a couple of interesting things have happened:

    1) Raffi Torres of the San Jose Sharks has been suspended for 41 games as a result of an illegal check to the head on Ducks Forward Jakub Silfverberg. This is the second longest suspension in NHL history, only beaten out by Billy Coutu in 1927 after Coutu attacked two referees in a brawl. Coutu got a lifetime ban that was reduced to 2 and a half years but never played in the NHL again.

    Torres' suspension was mostly the result of his long history of similar incidents and string of suspensions and warnings he had previous received. The video the NHL put out on it is kind of amazing in that regard.

    2) The Philadelphia Flyers have put Andrew MacDonald on waivers. MacDonald is a pretty bad defenceman with an intolerable crippling contract handed to him in the previous regime. Ron Hextall thus continues to do the amazing and the unexpected and is by all rights the most exciting part of Philadelphia sports right now. You Rangers fans here will remember the Wade Redden situation from a bunch of years ago and this is pretty much the same thing. Unfortunately due to the new CBA the Flyers won't be able to get the rid of his entire contract when he is sent to the AHL (I highly doubt anybody is going to pick up that albatross of a contract), but at least it's something.
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    I'll be going to the Bruins opener on Thursday. I'm skeptical about the moves that Don Sweeney made over the summer, but it'll still be fun to have hockey back.
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  • I was able to go check out the final AHL pre-season game for the Ontario (California, not Canada) Reign against my (not really) local San Diego Gulls. It was well attended for an AHL pre-season game, I think. About 8-9k people were in attendance.

    The first period ended with the only relevant statistics being the Reign up 5 to 3 in shots on goal, 3 fights, and 4 visits to the sin bin. Very fun hockey to watch. Overall play was sloppy and difficult to watch from a pure hockey perspective but the jawwing and glove dropping made up for the lack of skilled Ice Pucking.

    The second period ended 4-2, The Gulls struck about 3 minutes into the period and the Reign answered in less than 30 seconds. The gulls managed to put up 3 unanswered goals before the Reign finally ticked another netter. Oh, and no fights. Boo-urns. The overall play level went up a lot and the jawwing went down. I guess you can't have it all.

    The third period looked a hell of a lot like the first one. Sloppy play and lots of chippiness. No fights were to be had. With about 3 minutes left, the Reign pulled their goalie. The Gulls managed the open netter about 45 seconds later. John Gibson, who was sent down to the Gulls prior in the day, must have been generous and more or less stared as the Reigns last shot on goal sailed in to make a final tally 5-3.

    It's only the second hockey game I've attended, but oh mans was it fun. If I'm ever in San Diego on game day, I'll gladly spend $17 for a seat to see the Gulls play again. I recommend any hockey fan do the same.
  • Emily, Scott, and I started going to women's hockey games in New York. We saw the Riveters on Sunday in a pre-season game, and have tickets to a real game next week.
  • Just the first night of hockey and the NHL is wasting no time in showing other leagues that it knows how to make the right call.

    Coaches challenge in Toronto.

    A call to the Toronto officials upholds the on-ice call in NY @ Chicago

    In other news, during the Rangers game the MSG announcers gave a shout-out to the NWHL. Apparently Riveters @ Whale in Stamford, CT is SOLD OUT.
  • I'm going to see as many Riveters games as I can this season.

    That call. You can hear the crowd going nuts at the "goal" and then shut up when they see the "no goal" handwave. The look on the ref's face while he was on the phone with Toronto was great.
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    Dustin Brown, what a great guy. He gives the league four textbook examples of penalties in a single play.

    We have:
    * Interference: Brown begins his motion for the check after Couture passed the puck.
    * Charging: Brown crouches down, then launches. His feet leave the ice as a result of his jumping motion, rather than as a result of contact with the opponent.
    * Headbutting: Brown leads head first.
    * Illegal check to the head: Initial contact was with Couture's head.

    This happened in the first period and Brown received no penalty.

    What a shitshow yesterday's game was for the Kings. They got destroyed by the Sharks 5-1, were outshot 32-20 by the Sharks, and looked like fools. In addition to the above Lucic went apeshit when Couture hip-checked him in the 3rd and Lucic earned himself a match penalty for it in the first game with the Kings. And to top it off they were beaten by their former goaltending prospect Martin Jones, who they had sent to Boston for Lucic last offseason (along with a 1st and another player. Boston later shipped Jones to the Sharks for another 1st rounder).
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  • I'd like to see a classy team like the Rangers take a secret internal team policy of.

    1. Never start a fight ever no matter what
    2. Never respond in a fight ever no matter what
    3. Never take a non-play-related penalty (e.g., never go for a hard hit without a play reason)

    There is no need for enforcers in current era hockey. Hyper aggressive teams and players who take on that old mantle are increasingly being penalized heavily by better officiating and less tolerance for that nonsense.
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