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Ultra-Violent Movies

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I haven't seen "Ichi the Killer" or "Ebola Syndrome" nor do I make it out to see what Asian cinema has to offer in terms of violence, but when thinking of the most violent movies I've ever seen, the French film "Irreversible" comes to mind. Those who have seen it know what I'm talking about. I shiver when I think about it, yikes!

Anyone else got any?


  • Kind of lame but wasn't Robocop going to get an X rating when it came out because of violence?

    I find this funny now. Hell, you could put that original version on TV today with no problem.

    Although it's nice to think that there is at least one movie that gets an X for violence as opposed to simply sex.

    The disparity between ratings for sex VS. violence are idiotic.

    Sorry if this is slightly off topic.
  • They don't rate anythig as X anymore ever since pornography took "XXX" all to themselves. NC-17 is what they use now for over the top sex and violence, but even with that, they're swinging it around too much.
  • Rym and Scott mentioned killing kids on film. Some of you may know in the original Assault on Precinct 13 (directed by John Carpenter) had a scene where a small girl got shot dead, the infamous "ice cream scene".

    The story goes something like the MPAA threatened an "X" rating if the "ice cream scene" wasn't cut. The distributor advised John Carpenter to give the MPAA a version with the scene cut out to get an "R" rating - then he distributed the original version complete with the scene.
  • Really! That makes me love John Carpenter!
  • I felt sick just hearing you discribe those two movies.
  • Ditto blast flame. Driving through rush hour traffic at 80 mph whilst cringing at the tongue story made for an interesting morning.

    Highly doubt I'll ever watch any of those movies but wtill an awesome show.
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    I can watch as much fake blood and gore as anyone can produce. I can also hear stories of as much gory violence as you can tell. There's really only one thing that makes me cringe. Doctoring and surgery. I can't watch real surgery, it makes me nauseous. Also, if you start describing medical procedures or disease symptoms to me, I get all googly. The worst is if you describe some doctoring or disease that I might actually have a chance of encountering. So far I've had surgery 0 times, I plan to keep it that way.
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  • Erm..
    From dusk till dawn
    Total recall
  • Total Recall doesn't even come close to the type of violence in a movie like Ichi the Killer. In fact, compared to Ichi, Total Recall might as well be Sesame Street.
  • Meh, i'm 14 - Go home :P
  • The most violent one I've seen is Battle Royale, but I haven't seen many violent movies to begin with. *_*
  • Hah, Fron Dusk 'Til Dawn? That movie is hilariously campy, one of my favorites.

    OH REALLY, Scott. I love watching surgeries, they're fascinating. I can take them better than gorey movies, at least.

    I saw an open-heart triple bypass surgery live when I was a junior in highschool. It's the creepiest thing seeing a guy having his sternum cut through with a circular saw and later sewn back up with wire.
  • No, Aido, it's O RLY?
  • RymRym
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    I often got into trouble as a child for watching those types of shows. I'd turn on some surgery, and my younger brother would scream and run crying into the other room. I'd learn all about a disease, and meanwhile he would freak out and think he'd somehow caught it.

    I was banned from watching them unless he wasn't home. ^_^*
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  • No, Trogdor. It isn't. -_-

    Rym: Hahaha... almost makes me wish I had siblings.
  • I remember watching a face-lift operation being preformed when I was a kid, probably one of the more visually vivid moments of my vast television induced hypnosis I called childhood.
    What struck me the most was how the plastic surgeon essentially loosens up the face's attatchment to the skull and shifts it around, and in those moments the person looks like little more than a (read:bleeding) plastic manequin head with a latex mask being stretched over it. The patient becomes intensely inhuman, and the transformation creeped the hell out of me.
    Ah well those are my two bits. I was going to suggest Un chien andalou as a cringe inducing moment at least, for the eye slicing scene, but it really isn't that bad, anf they play cheesy french music over top of it.
  • I've seen live surgeries on "take your child to work day" . . . during elementary school.
    They'd have these teeny tiny cameras that show anything and everything.
  • I haven't seen any serious ultra violent movies but I have seen some hilariously bizarre disgusting ones:
    Killer Tongue
    Killer Condom
    Bad Taste
  • Hehe, Bad Taste, one of Peter 'LotR' Jackson's finest works. See also Braindead and Meet the Feebles by the same director.
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    Do people know that Ichi the Killer was a manga series before it became a film? I cant remember if it was mentioned in the podcast.
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  • Do peopleknow that Ichi the Killerwasa manga series before it became a film?Icant remember if it was mentioned in the podcast.
    Wow. I'd hate to see what that looked like before Mr. Period had his way with it. Ouch.
  • I did but it's rare to find it. (Or I haven't looked enough.)
  • Has anyone else seen Funny Games?

    That is flat out the most violent movie I have ever seen. It's really a movie everyone should see, because it's so unique (I think.) I know I have never felt the way I felt while watching it, when watching anything else.

    We watched it in my reading popular culture class in college. It's a Austrian film, but you can probably Netflix it or something.
  • There's a lot of Manga that is over the top with violence, and even more that is over the top with crazy sex-rape scenes.

    Two words: Baby Fucking

    On the other hand, I lol at one page of an incest comic I saw on 4chan once, the specific quote: "SATAN GUIDE MY COCK!"

    Also, I can't for the life of me remember the movie. But I remember seeing a movie where a muscular guy is in some sort of fight, and get's his arm straight ripped off. I can't remember anything about the movie, just remember seeing his arm get ripped off, and then him with the bloody stump at his shoulder.

    Also, if they made a live-aciton version of Korgath, I think that'd rank high up on super-violent stuff. In the mean-time, I tihnk Ichi the Killer is the most excessively violent live-action move I've seen.
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    I saw Battle Royale quite a while ago and I was amazed. So, I decided to see some other stuff. But, the bad thing is that my parents freak out seeing me watching this stuff...

    I plan on seeing Audition soon, because the trailer and wikipedia synopsis makes it look so awesome. Also, I don't know if Oldboy qualifies, but a friend of mine says it's a great, violent film.

    Oh, I am also currently reading A Clockwork Orange, which, while it is not an ultraviolence novel, contains characters who commit acts of ultraviolence.
    Two words: Baby Fucking
    Scariest fucking picture on the internets.
    Also, Ichi the Killer looks really awesome, but I think that my parents would kill themselves if they catch me watching it.
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  • Hehe, Bad Taste, one of Peter 'LotR' Jackson's finest works. See alsoBraindeadandMeet the Feeblesby the same director.
    Yes! Excellent choices! Meet the Feebles is like watching The Muppet Show if it were tweaking on crystal meth.

    I humbly submit Street Trash, a film where the protagonist is a homeless guy and features hobos melting down in glorious technicolor fashion from drinking killer hooch.
  • I don't think Battle Royale qualifies as Ultra-Violent ^_^;
  • Yes! Excellent choices! Meet the Feebles is like watching The Muppet Show if it were tweaking on crystal meth.
    I could have sworn there was already a show like that: Fraggle Rock.
  • There comes a point in life where you no longer find gratuitous violence for its own sake in any way entertaining. For instance, I would like to confess (although it will result in much flaming) that I'm not a fan of Tarantino/Rodriguez films.

    Sin city sucked.

    Yes you can carry on about the amazingly stylized cinematography, etc. But I feel films should be more than just tech demos for all the cool crap you can pull off using green screen. I demand my films contain substance, preferably a plot of some sort. A homunculus' quest to avenge the death of a prostitute that slept with him is not quite satisfactory in my humble opinion.

    This isn't to say I mind violence in films, just so long as the violence isn't featured for its own sake. The core of any film is a good narrative. If no such narrative exists, then don't make a film. Just my two cents.

    As you can probably infer from the above text, I currently have no plans to see Grindhouse.
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