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The Ask Rym and Scott Show

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Here's an idea.

Either post, whisper, or email us questions. They can be about anything, but please keep it to things on which you actually want to hear our opinions. Once we have enough good ones, we'll do a Thursday show that will basically be all of you interviewing us.


  • Your opinion on Jhonen Vasquez and his works.
  • Also, your thoughts on the AMV hell series.
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    I was having a discussion with a friend of mine a while back at animazement, and since I'm not really much of a con person per-se, I can't speak with any authority on the subject, but he was talking like he felt that at anime cons the entire entity of con culture ( cosplay, self-referential fandubs, etc.) itself was becoming more and more a focus of the con rather than anime itself. We thought it might be in part becauseof good, quality, anime a much more accesible resource over the years, in ends taking this duty away from cons themselves.
    Whether I'm just speaking out of naeivete, and him out of his ass, I don't know. Either way I was wondering what you guys thought on the subject.
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  • Something I wanted to ask during your Tora-Con panel but wasn't sure if it was asked before I got there:

    How important is your relationship to eachother to the overall show? Do you think that the show is more about you guys or the things you talk about?
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    Your thoughts on Freezing time and the Moral Nature of it? ^_^

    *is Evil*
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  • Here's a question: Where's the freakin' Burning Wheel episode? I know you're not a pair of shit-talkers, so when is it going to happen?
  • Go burning wheel!
  • Must resist answering questions prior to episode....
  • Atleast tells us something.
  • What two subjects should I pick for next year:
    Film and History
    The Holocaust
    American Century
    The Hollywood Industry
    Australian Politics: Parties, Voters and Elections
    The Politics of Third World States

    If any of them suck I shall blame you.
  • Try to get your questions in: I'd really like to do the show this coming Thursday. ^_^
  • What are your favorite board games at each player number (2 to 6+)? Your favorite light, medium, and heavy games?
  • You've both graduated from college and been in the "real world" for a while now. What have you had to learn during this time that you wish someone would have told you when you were younger? I think your younger listeners would greatly benefit from this topic.
  • You guys planning any trips to Florida? eh? eh?
  • What aren't you guys good at? There must be something
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    What are you guys going to do when the zombies attack?
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  • This probably isn't a good question for the show, but this seemed to be as good a place to ask it as any: you've mentioned a few times now that you've been to Penguicon. Which year(s) were you there? If you spent any time in the (board)gaming area, I've probably met you.

    Actually, to turn this into something more suitable for the show: What did you think of Penguicon? Did you mainly stick to one track, or does the "unified con" idea work? Do you plan to attend again at some point, or...? (I know a number of the con's staff personally, so I can get any feedback you have to them, if you'd like.)
  • This question has occoured to me every morning when I'm getting ready but I kept forgetting to ask it until now. A while ago, I don't know when, one of you (or maybe both) made some passing remark about how deodorant was good but anti-perspirant was bad. It was completely tangental to the topic at hand and it wasn't commented on other than that 2 second aside, but it stuck with me.
    What's wrong with anti-perspirant? The only people I've ever heard talk against it were hippies who think you should use seasalt in your armpits or some such crazy randiness.
  • What do you guys do to prepare to do a panel at Cons? I ask becuase I am thinking of doing a panel there in 2007.
  • Your opinion on emos and their emoness. (I detest them by the way.)
  • Where do babies come from?
  • That was unexpected.
  • How about Rym actually tells us his hidden screen names (and apparently a website devoted to him by a ex) of the past and about the Ex's and such he won't talk about ^_^
  • How about What Scott's Last relationship experience.. with a mysterous woman? (or Rym)
  • Aw, Cremlian, ew!
  • What size boobs do you like?? only of the female variety thanks.
  • only of the female variety thanks.
    Aw, damn, this thread is just getting worse...
  • As a recent high school graduate, I was wondering what you think is the best way to prepare for college.
  • oh ninjaned, I could tell you stories, I've been at uni for 5 years now, and yet no undergraduate degree.
  • What separates you from other podcasts?
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