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Awesome Shirts

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Every shirt on this website is awesome. Especially the Teach the Controvery line. They are all so great, I can't pick which ones to buy! Also, everything is available in different colors, and there's a summer sale.


  • Wow. My work has it blocked and it's classified as a "Spam URLs". Lame. I'm in need of new geeky shirts. I will check it out when I get home.
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    Awesome shirts are awesome!
    I like this one.
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  • I guess all I have to hold up against is which is a german mailorder service for rock music and merchandise. They are pretty much accountable for about 90% of the clothing I wore on the upper half of my body in the last 8 years. The only online shop for geeky T-Shirts that I know and wouldn't cost me a fortune to order from is 3D-Supply, also located in germany. I recently bought a few Valve shirts from them.
  • Red Bubble - Random Designer T-shirts by Illustrators.
    Mutagenics - Aido (Fallen) and Ananthymous (Applegeeks) contributed to these t-shirt designs.
  • imageThe Science ones are all so good!
  • imageThe Science ones are all so good!
    That's my favorite so far!
  • Those science shirts are pretty funny.
    I participate here :
    Some shirts are awesome , some not.
    For the love of robots <3!</a>
  • If I'm ever fabulously wealthy, I will go online and buy 7 awesome shirts every weekend. Then I will wear a new awesome shirt every day.
  • Man, do I want me some teach the controversy
  • Didn't mean to actually order anything, but ended up doing so anyway. I bought a "Ye Mighty" shirt in black with white text, and a customized version of "I bought this shirt on the internet!" in red with black text.
  • Red Bubble- Random Designer T-shirts by Illustrators.
    I just got me 5 t-shirts from that site (and joined it should I could submit my own). So cool! Thanks for the link.
  • Wow. I saw the Headline "Awesome Shirts" and was about to post a link to Teach the Controversy, which I stumbled upon yesterday. Touchè, Scott.
  • For everyone who likes Calvin and Hobbes:
  • For everyone who likes Calvin and Hobbes:
  • Man, I have to get me some new shirts.
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    I kinda like this one more.

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  • I much prefer these two.

    Zero Punctuation - Stallion t-shirt @
    Zero Punctuation - Stallion t-shirt design @ ©
    Epic Life t-shirt @
    Epic Life t-shirt design @ ©
  • I can't remember what charismatic stallion was from.
  • It was from his Bioshock Review.
    "Now, I know what you're going to say. 'Yahtzee, you charismatic stallion, what kind of complaint is that? SS2 was brilliant, and any game that's in any way like it should be equally good.' But that's the thing. It's not like SS2, it is SS2! Oh sure, it looks different, and it differs in the fine detailing and the character names are changed and shit but once you strip all that out the bad guy mas as well be SHODAN with a waistcoat and a copy of Atlas Shrugged."
  • Reviving this thread because I'd like to see if anyone has found any new favorite shirt websites in the past two years. I write a bi-weekly column for my site where I round up the best of newly released shirts across a long list of sites. My problem is that no matter how many sites I subscribe to, Shirt.Woot, BustedTees, and Threadless often come out on top and I want to have some more variety. TeeFury also has some great shirts but they are a 24-hour only site, so it's hard to feature them in a bi-weekly format.
  • Shirt.Woot, BustedTees, and Threadless
    Add Design By Humans and say fuck all else.
  • I likeFangamer.
    Fangamer is quite the awesome because of their philosophy of making game memorabilia of games that are either not known very well or have very powerful and well-established fan communities.
  • imageThe Science ones are all so good!
    That's my favorite so far!
    Agreed, will order soon.
  • I was looking at Threadless for a bit thinking about buying some new t-shirts, then I ended up at TopatoCo and some other sites, the amount of geek shirts you can buy is to a crazy level that I haven't bought any T-shirts because I think there is one that is more awesome somewhere else and cheaper... oh information overload...
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