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Why People Think Rym & Scott are Gay.



  • I never assumed Rym and Scott were gay. Maybe I'm just too innocent. I can honestly say that I actually never thought about the sex lives of any of the podcasters I listen too.

    I don't get the "I wonder if they're gay, not that there is anything wrong with that" thing, I honestly don't give a fuck either way. The only way I would care about any one's sexuality is if I am planning a relationship with them, in which case I would care if they were gay cause, you know that would suck. Otherwise, do what the hell you want I have more important things to worry about.
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  • Here is a generalization that is 100% true:

    All carrots are vegetables.

    Here is a generalization that is 100% false:

    All apples are bananas.

    I greatly enjoy how while trying to denounce generalizations, you made a generalization about generalizations.
    Wrong there ARE banana apples.
  • I do not know of these banana apples, but I assume it is a fruit that combines the characteristics of apple and banana, similar to the tangelo. Well, if there is indeed such a thing, it is neither an apple nor a banana. To be relevant, an interrobang is not a question mark, nor is it an exclamation point. So if someone were to say all apples are bananas, it would be completely true. An apple banana hybrid is not an apple, nor is it a banana.
  • I submit an aim conversation I just had with Rym regarding what I should use as my icon on the forum:

    (12:05:43) (Kate): Why a penis?
    (12:06:09) (Rym): It was the first thing that popped into my head
    (12:06:14) (Rym): It was at the tip of my tongue

    ..... no words..... too beautiful....... *tear*
  • And for the record, I am bi.... not that there is anything wrong with that.
  • I can't stop laughing.
  • First thing I drew on my DS was a penis, I would've gotten it in first but my friend finished her penis before me.
  • ...I would've gotten it in first but my friend finished her penis before me.
    Quoted for emphasis.
  • Emphasis was completely unnecessary. The guys on the space station saw that one from orbit.
    ...I would've gotten it in first but my friend finished her penis before me. the actress said to the bishop rimshot
  • I don't know of any ay guys that are intense anime and video game fans.

    Also, in terms of hair, gay guys usually have short-medium hair, and if it is long it's some sort of short ponytail. And at any rate, it's always styled in some silly way. I dare say I think Rym uses nothing more than some concotion of sand, honey, and vodka.

    Although Rym getting rid of his "molestache" did hurt his masculinity quite a bit.
  • really "tehmarken"? I've met lots of gay anime fans... I don't think you're looking hard enough..
  • Ah, so I see your gaydar is alive and kicking, eh?
  • teh
    Teh what? Teh awesome? Teh shit? Teh suck? Teh n00b?
  • teh gaydar
  • Could be picking up interference from a gay weather balloon.
  • Oh right, long hair is so masculine. Maybe in Japan... during the Feudal Period.
    But they didn't wear their hair down, really - even in wood block prints it's always pulled back! And they shaved their foreheads when they became men!

    In all seriousness though, I'm willing to bet that men in possession of nicely-groomed locks get a good deal of tail. Maybe it's just because I like the metal look, but I find long hair on a man to be quite attractive. From my experience, long hair is connected more with certain genres of music, lifestyles, or interests than it is with a specific sexual orientation or level of masculinity/femininity.

    I agree with Rym that city-dwellers would be less likely to assume that he and Scott are gay. This is probably because the only people who live outside cities in suburban or rural areas are the "babymakers," who use a heterosexual couple/nuclear family method to structure their living situation. After all, that's the reason they're IN the suburbs - to start a family. Everyone else lives in the city, so you get a huge mixture of people who have developed their own sort of living situation to handle the costs of residing in an urban area. In other words, in suburbia, a sexual relationship is the cement of a household - in the city it is not necessarily so. That's why it's understandable that a person who isn't from the city would interpret an urban person's living arrangement through the context of a sexual relationship.
    I think the term you guys need is from Clerks... "hetrosexual lifemates!" (bty Clerks II rocks)
    Platonic Life Partners!
  • Actually I think it's more of a quickness to judge on the part of the listeners or a lack of talk specifically about their own relationships with girls (well Rym's anyway) that lead some people to believe this because of there natural conversational chemistry. They figured, hey these two get along really well and argue like a married couple they must be gay! I don't know in the suburbs around where I currently live, most of my guy friends live together. I think it doesn't matter if you’re from the city or not, if you’re someone who's quick to judge then well you are going to assume Rym with his feminine side is the gay! The reason this occurs in the city more is because young people do not have the financial resources to live on their own and make rent payments in the city, and if you want to own a house you best not buy it in the city with it’s crazy prices!
  • Is it just me, or is Rym the perfect candidate for the "Queer Eye" television show?
  • I find this entire thread hilarious. But alas sadly I do not have a doujin for this scenario. However I could make one. Right after I finish EB.
  • I find this entire thread hilarious. But alas sadly I do not have a doujin for this scenario. However I could make one. Right after I finish EB.
    I think we should commision Yuko or someone to make a doujin about Rym and Scott. We could then sell it at anime cons, espicially right after the podcast panels. We'll makes millions
  • Another one? What happened to EB?
  • I don't care what they said about their orientation, they were LYING.

    Rym and Scott are indeed gay, and here I have definitive proof.


    In bed together! THE SCANDAL!!!

    (Thread ressurected for purposes of hilarity)
  • No, they don't look pissed off enough at each other to be gay.
  • Haha.. Finally! This Picture surfaces!
  • Oh god...the googles ZEE DO NOTHING!!
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