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Electronic Music



  • I am going to make some of this. At some point. New New Year's Resolution added to the list.
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    Forgive me if I seem "too mainstream", but I like my electronica made by GOD DAMNED ROBOTS!

    And, finally, my favorite...
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  • I like my electronica made by GOD DAMNED ROBOTS!
    I like my robots to be android coelacanths.
  • Ah, a good song. I used it when I played for the deaf community on campus. They really liked that shit.
  • You can always count on Jesse Keeler to deliver incredibly awesome basslines.

    Fun Keeler-related story. James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem brought DFA1979 to court over the use of "Death From Above" as a performance name. Keeler and Grainger complied to a court order by adding the "1979" to their band name, and then posted this to their website:

    ""FUCK DFA RECORDS FUCK JAMES MURPHY WE DECLARE JIHAD ON THEM HOLY WAR ENDING IN THEIR DEATH AND DISMEMBERMENT... james murphy is a selfish piece of fuck that will burn in the flames of a specially dedicated rock and roll jihad. if i had the resources i would fly a plane into his skull."

    I love those guys.
  • y u do dis James Murphy?
  • I'm a fan of chiptunes and dnb.

    Audio's Genesis Device is an album I am listening to a lot right now.

  • Audio's Genesis Device is an album I am listening to a lot right now.
    Man, the production on this is phenomenal. I must study up.

    Can't believe I didn't like this album the first time I listened to it.

  • Flux Pavillion has some of the smartest musicianship I've heard from any of the "brostep" artists. You'll especially see what I mean if you listen to the second track I posted here all the way through. Fans of Bassnectar:

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    This Valentines Day, my ears got laid.

    Also, I think I hear "omae wa mo shindeiru" in this one.
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    New Zomby track from his upcoming album featuring Panda Bear on vox. Really excited for this LP.

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  • I put all these things in my "watch later" queue on YouTube to listen to all in a row. Thanks for the recommendations! I bought the Certified Air Raid Material album, Gunter.
  • This new Burial track is very, very cool.

  • This was the track that really got me into Drum and Bass years ago, I did and still get the intense feeling of playing a Bullet Hell Shmup while listening to it.
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    This thread is sorely lacking in some Crystal Castles...

    I like to sing along to this with the unofficial lyrics.

    "I love coffee,

    doggies, no

    fall for youuu."

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  • Awesome drop at about 0:40

    I can't say that I really love Skrillex, because of the vocals, but I definitely love the beats.

    I saw Big Gigantic live at Wannee Fest. They were amazing, and the sax was even better live. :D

    I also saw Lotus at a midnight show the first night of Wannee.
  • I've really been getting back into electroswing.

  • electroswing.
    I didn't know this was a thing I needed in my life.
  • Awesome new Glitch Mob track is awesome.

  • I don't know what category this falls under, but fuck it's good.
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    Yeah, that is awesome. I found his Soundcloud page.

    [Edit] Download his EP here.
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  • Yeah, that is awesome. I found his Soundcloud page.
    Damn, that's a gold mine of pure ear sex.
  • [Edit] Download his EP here.
    Oh snap, I haz new musics to enjoy. Danke.
  • Don't hate.

    Hater, quit hating.
  • I bet you wish that version was on Dance Central.
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    New 1200 Mics has a killer sample as a hook. Come for the Breaking Bad, stay for Raja Ram's mad beats. Hopefully a new LP is in the works.

    Also, Irish Trad Trance was something I didn't know I needed.

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