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    Also, Irish Trad Trance was something I didn't know I needed.
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  • I've been spending a lot of time listening to my friend Garrett's music. He dropped this track yesterday.

    HEART (from "慾望" [TBA 2012]) by meishi smile
  • Just found out about James Ferraro... dudes amazing

  • YES. I love James Ferraro's solo stuff. Far Side Virtual was one of my favorite albums of last year. I used to listen to his band The Skaters, and if you've ever heard them you know how surprised I was to find out what his new stuff sounded like.
  • Never heard the Skaters before. I'm hearing the guy in reverse order pretty much, seeing how the newest Bebetunes stuff is the first thing I've heard from him. Seems like he used to be really into the super lo-fi thing, is that what Skaters was?

    I just want this dude's whole discography right now ahaha. He's got amazing concepts and a really diverse sound. Also he gives the friggin best interviews
  • The Skaters are a lo-fi noise/drone band. And yes, Ferraro's interviews are the best.
  • Yeah, that is awesome. I found his Soundcloud page.

    [Edit] Download his EP here.
    Please can someone help me find a working version of that last link? I need more of this in my life.

  • Huh, that's weird. It's been stricken from their website. I don't have it on my computer here, but I can upload it for you this weekend if no one else has it.
  • Yeah, that would be cool. Soundcloud isn't letting me download any of it.
  • Yeah, that would be cool. Soundcloud isn't letting me download any of it.
    These are the beats you seek.
  • My friend just released his album, you should jam it.

    LUST by meishi smile
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