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  • I recommend you all give this old torrent of Rhythm and Police a look (It's a damn good show.) to see how subtitling Japanese should be done.
    Actually, just download and watch it anyway. It's so good.
  • The beginning part talks about particles and articles . To jump into the problem with honorifics skip to 4:30. Personally I don't care to much one way the other. I did find the whole interesting though.

  • Noooo!

    Usually when I have a prediction I post it on the Internets. I was so positive I posted my Durarara!! prediction here before. I just watched episode 10, and it confirmed that my prediction was 100% true. However, I can't for the life of me find the place in the forum where I posted my completely correct prediction far far in advance. SORROW.

    If you choose to believe I am not lying, let it be known that I predicted super far in advance that...

    The main character, Mikado, is the founder of the dollars.
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    Here, Scott.
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    let it be known that I predicted super far in advance that...
    Two episodes? Get over yourself...

    I really enjoyed the Baccano references.
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    I didn't see it coming, but It didn't surprise me too much.

    I have watched all the episodes up to 11 so far, and I love this anime, I've even gotten a friend into it.
    Also, I watched it on a site called which works well if you're getting sick of crunchy roll.
  • I currently have a filter (*BSS*Durarara*mkv*) on the Tokyo Toshokan RSS feed, set up in uTorrent. It's easy.
  • I have yet to figure out torrents...
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    I started watching the series yesterday and I'm really into it. However, I was also dumbstruck as to why the style and narrative of it seemed so familiar. Yeah, it is a whole lot like Baccano: An "ensemble show" with a lot of characters of roughly equal importance spinning together their own smaller stories into one big narrative under the presence of criminal and violent as well as supernatural elements. Looking a bit deeper into it, this similarity is by far no coincidence. Both series are based on light-novel series' written by Ryohgo Narita and both anime series are directed by Takahiro Omori and animated by Brain's Base. Know your creators indeed.

    However, I find Durarara superior in comparison to Baccano. The characters are more likable and it is a whole lot less confusing as the narrative doesn't constantly jump around and with the exception of backstory flashbacks it is usually a chronologically aligned story. The violence is also held a lot more comedic than in Baccano which I find to suit such a series better. Punching people out of their clothes ftw!
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    You know how English in anime is terrible? Well, the Russian (or so I must assume because I recognised a word or two) conversation in episode 13 is almost completely incomprehensible. It makes me wonder how fansubbers managed to translate it.
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  • They translated the Japanese subtitles I thought.
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    Good point. I didn't really notice those Japanese subtitles; I guess I was too focused on the audio.
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  • Well, it really depends which anime it is that has the Gratuitous English. There is the Surprisingly Good English Trope as well.
  • Ok, just watched episode 13. I have a prediction for the second half of the show. Sort of obvious again, but...

    The slasher is Celty's head, which may or may not be attached to a body.
  • Looks like you were wrong.
  • I guess I have the nickname for the 2nd arc of Durarara: [Attack of the Yandere-Zombies]
  • I just saw the latest episode. Awesome stuff.
  • I wonder if Scott guessed any of the big reveals in the past couple of episodes.
  • Alright, I just finished Baccano! and it kicked all sorts of ass. Where's the best place to watch Durarara!! right now? I can't torrent it, otherwise I would.
  • Alright, I just finished Baccano! and it kicked all sorts of ass. Where's the best place to watch Durarara!! right now? I can't torrent it, otherwise I would.
  • I'm impressed at how much expression the show gets out of a character without a face.

    Spoilers for Ep 17:
    They've been hinting for a while that Masaomi used to be a member of the Yellow Scarves, but their leader? While he was in Middle School? Unless he's got some sort of supernatural power, I don't know if I can buy that.
  • Alright, I just finished Baccano! and it kicked all sorts of ass. Where's the best place to watch Durarara!! right now? I can't torrent it, otherwise I would.
    Crunchyroll... Though a lot of stuff they have is fansubed, you don't have to sign up or any bullshit like that to watch stuff as soon as it comes out... It's not always great quality though so beware...
  • @J.Sharp: That spoiler fact was obvious well before it was revealed due to both in-show information and meta (based on a previous spoiler and why particular people are "main" characters). ^_~
  • Walker and the original Dollars crew (Yeah, I'm calling Saburo, Erika, Walker and Kadota the original crew cause they were the first revealed Dollars) are still rocking and being my favorites. Walker's actions against the Blue Squares (was that their name?) was a little shocking but remembering their premier episode, it was a bucket of lolz and holy shit at the same time. Also, it was kind of creepy when Walker actually opened his eyes but then again, it always seems extra sinister when squinty eyed characters like him open their eyes.
  • Maybe I'm a little behind the ball on this, but I just caught it and wondered if anyone else did, too. Watch the end of Ep. 10 - is Mikado's password 'baccano?' Nice little throwback if it is. You might be able to catch it in earlier episodes, but that's the one that was the most obvious to me.
  • Yep. "Baccano" is the password.
  • Yeah, I liked the Baccano references.
  • Here's another question for those of you more fluent in Japanese then myself - what the heck is up with the first verse of the intro? I swear there's at least one "L" in there and maybe a "ZI" where I would normally expect a "JI." Does the singer have an unusual accent or is some of the song in Russian or something? Maybe I'm just hearing things...
  • So, episode 23 made me lose my shit. I saw it coming, but, holy shit.
  • What thing in episode 23 did you see coming? Besides the obvious THIS HAS CLEARLY BEEN BUILDING UP FOR THE LAST FEW EPISODES THAT IT AIN'T EVEN A FUCKING SECRET TO MY DISEASED GRANDMOTHER. Like Apreche's 'prediction', which he so lauded.

    Did you spot the sly mother fucker that is Dakota?
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