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It's sooo hot (I.E. Weather bitch thread)



  • Apparently allergies are in season again too.
  • Die snow, die.
  • Boston broke our record for snowfall. I can now say I lived through THE snowiest winter in our history.
  • On our way home from Albany today Emily said, "What's that white stuff on the ground over there?"

    It was snow.

  • Yes. Fuck snow. After last year's ridiculously cold and snowy New England winter, I refused to complain about the heat all summer. Every time I was about to, I thought back to the mountains of snow that I had to clear all winter.

    While logic does dictate that it's easier to add layers to avoid the cold, and therefore cold is better than hot, the one variable that needs to be taken into consideration is SNOW. Shoveling it, driving in it, walking in it, dealing with fewer/smaller parking spaces because of it. Everything about it is shitty and inconvenient. "But wait, watching snow fall while you are huddled inside by the fire is awesome." While it might be awesome at that moment, wait until you have to dig yourself out in the morning and drive to work on the slippery roads. I'd be totally ok with it being absurdly cold out as long as there is no snow.
  • I love snow. I hate the black slush into turns into after a few days.
  • Snow and near-freezing temperatures are not ok this early in the year. I might actually learn the RIT tunnels this year.
  • It was a cool 81 today in Austin. Tomorrow it will reach a bone chilling high of 86.
  • My parents moved to Florida because you don't have to shovel rain.
  • We have saved up money to buy a snowblower this year. A small electric one because we don't have too much to shove, but we both have lower back problems.
  • Apreche said:

    On our way home from Albany today Emily said, "What's that white stuff on the ground over there?"

    It was snow.


    I live here and I had the same reaction.
  • It's been raining here, but that makes it humid. I've had to have my windows open wearing tanks and shorts while in the apartment. So warm. Needs to stop. Want cold.
  • The weather sucks it was like 23C all day with no clouds.
  • Pretty warm today, it was over 40 for most of the day, same as yesterday and tomorrow might go over 40 again. Not nearly as bad as if I wasn't on the coast getting the ocean breeze.
    Cat wanted another bath today, he feels really important / privileged when getting hosed down with water.
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  • It's about nine below here in Boston. I was planning on taking my guitar to the shop to day but I'm thinking I should wait until it's warmer...
  • It snowed again. Snow/Rain for Monday and Rain for Thursday. I got too much shit to do before MAGFest than to deal with shitty roads.
  • 70 in March? Yes please.
  • It's fucking glorious out there.
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    It's April 27th and it's snowing like a motherfucker here in Austria. I mean, they're actually closing down some roads because a lot of people already have switched to their summer tires. This is not normal.
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  • It was 17C yesterday.
    I saw a kid wearing a jacket, full pants, boots, a scarf and fake leather gloves.
  • sK0pe said:

    It was 17C yesterday.
    I saw a kid wearing a jacket, full pants, boots, a scarf and fake leather gloves.

    That's a bit much. I mean, it's a little bit of bite in the air, but hardly needing freezer gear.
  • That's like some average Washington weather (moreso West side; Seattle, etc).
  • It is finally adequately hot for my tastes in New York. 92 and sunny!
  • It's about that here. A touch warmer than I prefer, but bearable. Makes the afternoon constitutional a good bit sweatier.
  • This is apparently the one thing I fundamentally disagree with everyone here on, apparently. I'm that coworker Rym and Scott always complain about, who complains about the weather, and when it's too hot (aka anything over like 75) cranks the AC.

    I should have been born in Norway. They have a saying there: There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.

    That's true, if you live in Norway. If you live here, you're quickly at the point where I apparently have to begin taking off my skin to be in the correct clothing.
  • Fuck the heat bring back winter.
  • Greg said:

    Fuck the heat bring back winter.

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