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It's sooo hot (I.E. Weather bitch thread)



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    So yeah, about half a meter of new snow this weekend here. And it's still snowing! Just faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic.
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  • There should be a music video for this:

  • It's too damn cold here.
  • The sidewalk on my side of my street is finally cleared from the Nemo snow. Not because it was shoveled, but because it melted.

    I don't like my neighbors.
  • My 20 year old roof being blown off this past monday:
  • The weather outside right now is smoke. Central america, get your shit together.
  • Wahm and humid today in Okla-fucking-homa. Hopefully rain stays away tomorrow as I'm playing a show in OKC and need to transport 2 guitar cabinets and an Ampeg 810 with my truck.

    Not snowing here. Have fun, suckers.
  • It hasn't snowed here at all. I'm sad.
  • We got some snow, but nothing like advertised. The ice from the temperatures so cold road salt didn't work was probably the worst of it this morning.
  • I've never touched real snow.
  • New York had a nice snowfall yesterday. Of course, it'll all be melted by tomorrow.
  • Don't count on that temps are like 7 degrees for the rest of the week.
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    And still They want me to believe in global warming? Shows what They "know"........
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  • It went from being in the mid 50's Sunday to such a cold snap Monday night they cancelled classes Tuesday.
  • It was 77 in Cancun today. I had to put on a shirt and shorts. :p Not looking forward to coming home to snow.
  • Next week I'm heading to visit my grandmother in Minnesota. Today it was -11 degrees there. I've made a huge mistake.
  • It's still -10 (C) in NYC, but at least it's sunny. Not so bad, all things considered.
  • As much as it sucks to be cold, I'll deal, because you know what? I hate bugs.
  • My sentiments exactly. Keep it above frostbite temperatures, and I'm fine with the cold, because at least there's no bugs and at least I'm not sweating.
  • I don't understand bug phobias.

    The first time I met my cousin, aunt and uncle from Philadelphia was when they visited another member of our extended family in London.
    A moth flew into the room and you'd think that German bombs were falling from the sky.

    I just grabbed it my cupped palms and threw it out the door.

    The 2 crazy families then spoke about it for the next hour.

    Why are bugs difficult to handle lol?

    It's like when I picked up a native cockroach the other day people are freaking the fuck out, it's just an exoskeleton full of fat and 2 tube, one GI the other neuro.
  • My tan is coming along nicely. Cambodia is hot.
  • My morning commute is usually about 30 minutes. Today it was an hour and 10 minutes. Fuck Snow.
  • I am sunburned due to Brazil.
  • Troll Luke is Troll.
  • He won't catch us out that easily. We all know that you get sunburn from the Sun, not Brazil.
  • I dunno, Churba; Brazil is known for being filled with heavenly bodies.
  • Why in the fuck is it 32 degrees at 3AM. This shit makes no sense.
  • Nice tanning today because more Brazil.
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