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Gaming mice



  • No great loss if you don't, there's only 2 extra.
  • I went ahead and purchased the Razer Nostromo. Yeah... Has improved my game and gaming comfort.

    I would like to see better tactile on the keys though. Only one key has a raised bump on it.

    Default is tab, caps lock, shift with rows of QWER, ASDF and ZXC. Yeah... No V. I set up on the D pad to V for now.
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    For $12 cheaper (looking at, you could've got the Logitech G600, a mouse with 12 hotkeys (14 if you count the ones under the scroll wheel).
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  • I already have a good mouse. Due to an old hand injury using the keyboard with the mouse is a pain. That is why I picked up the Nostromo.

    They have a newer model but it was about $20 more and didn't look $20 better.
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