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This Shit Just Got Real (juggling world records)



  • I've always look at a koala's day thusly: 18 hours sleeping, 3 hours eating, and 3 hours committing murder. Those last 6 hours slide either way.
  • Thunderdome:
    Goose versus Koala, who wins?
  • Goose versus Koala, who wins?
    The Koala, if it's awake. They're vicious, fast, and have long, super-sharp claws.
  • One on one? The koala. Geese tend to travel in packs though and would win through weight of numbers. A koala could take on a few easy, but dozens? I don't think so.
  • Guinness book
    The Guinness Book of World Records doesn't track juggling records in a meaningful way. The only authority at the moment which does a good job is the Wikipedia page which I set up and is now maintained by a group of interested editors.
  • Hey Luke: Do you know a juggler named Matt Jergens? I just talked to him a few hours ago. He was doing a show 'round these here parts. I told him that I had pretty high standards for juggling entertainment since I know you, and he said he'd talked with you to some extent.
  • Maybe. I've been involved in the juggling scene for 13 years now. I've talked to a lot of people!

    I just googled his name. His website looks exactly like every other American comedy juggler's website I've ever seen, with the exact same publicity photos and description of his act. If I have spoken to him, he is indistinguishable from others. His show is probably pretty entertaining as long as you aren't an old jaded juggler like me.
  • Yeah, I saw that today. It's just bonkers!
  • 13 ball world record finally captured on camera. Earlier this year my name was removed from the wikipedia page of juggling world records, I think for good, but as long as others continue to push things like this, I'm happy!

  • Holy crap. I'm i so much awe of that feat right now.
  • I know what you mean by the title, but the image of someone juggling Guinness Books of World records struck me as funny.

  • A nicer video of the same feat

  • twelve balls, sixteen catches.
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    He is also an outspoken member of the LGBTQQIA community being born female himself.
    That's messed up.
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  • edited December 2011
    He is also an outspoken member of the LGBTQQIA community being born female himself.
    That's messed up.
    Did not see that. Not cool.

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  • I only saw the nude juggling and murder part.
  • At last another advocate of nude juggling!
  • I've reverted the changes (It's Wikipedia, guys), but the revision in question can be found here:
  • Did you hear he's also a professional Bush Waxer?
  • Huge congrats to Luke on making the top 40 jugglers of 2011
    :( about Michael Karas not making the list.

  • Yeah, well done me for making it into the chart that I myself have compiled for the last 9 years...
  • NU Circus Skills just sent out a call for photographers for their first show of the New Year. I haven't been involved with them thus far, but I do want to start building a photo portfolio and eventually learn to juggle, so it might be a good opportunity.

    I don't have a tripod or any flashes to accompany my camera, though, nor do I have any decent reference shots. I'll have to see what they're looking for, I guess; they are just a student society, so it could be that they just want some decent snaps for a newsletter or Facebook gallery. That much I can definitely do.
  • Alex Barron rocks my world again!

    Also back in 2002 me and a guy called Ben passed 18 balls for the first time, getting 18 catches, which was a world record at the time. These guys are kind of making us look bad:

  • The talk page is kinda funny but I was expecting something more crazy.

  • It keeps going. The young jugglers are breaking so many records now I can't even keep up.
  • Ravi solves three cubes while juggling them:

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