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This Shit Just Got Real (juggling world records)



  • I broke my own record. Now I'm going to wait until someone else breaks it before trying again:

  • I was juggling with Peter Bone last week. He got 4 eleven ball flashes in a row. It's pretty unreal seeing it in person.

    Dave and Dan getting 21 ball passing first is hardly a surprise.
  • I'm going for it! I'm going for the 10 ball world record! That's a long term goal, anyway. Meanwhile, I'm aiming to get to 20 catches (which is the next big milestone after 10 catches with 10 balls) before some other much younger jugglers who seem to be progressing pretty quickly.

    To break the record I'll need 31 catches. After four days and four practice sessions, I'm up to 16 catches, which is more than half way.

    My personal record is 18 catches, which I set back in 2005. Then the 10 ball record was only 24 catches (if I remember correctly) so I'm at a bigger disadvantage now. Instead of improving my record by 7 catches to get a world record I have to improve it by 13. As long as I get to 20 catches I'll be happy, but the real record is a better goal.
  • The Top 40 Jugglers of the Year 2014 results video!

    I'm back in the top 10. Yay. In a poll that I myself run. You'd think I'd do better?
  • Have you found that juggling has impacted your situational awareness 24/7 or is it only when you are juggling?
  • It's generally not that useful, but there are some moments when I'll pull off an amazing save, like catching a falling glass or jar with my foot. It's difficult to say because I don't have a control for the experiment of one person.
  • It's generally not that useful, but there are some moments when I'll pull off an amazing save, like catching a falling glass or jar with my foot. It's difficult to say because I don't have a control for the experiment of one person.

    I also pull some saves despite having no juggling skills. I'm sure as I age, that will happen. Much less frequently and less gracefully
  • Apreche said:

    It's generally not that useful, but there are some moments when I'll pull off an amazing save, like catching a falling glass or jar with my foot. It's difficult to say because I don't have a control for the experiment of one person.

    I also pull some saves despite having no juggling skills. I'm sure as I age, that will happen. Much less frequently and less gracefully
    I'm not sure if 40's is when such skills start to fade or if you simply don't care enough to maintain the skills.

  • 10 years ago, the hot new record breaking club juggling team was the Mitasch brothers from Austria. Then three or four years ago, the next hot new record breaking club juggling team was Daniel and Dominik, also from Austria.

    Now the best juggler of the Mitasch brothers is training with Dominik, the best passer from Daniel and Dominik, to break new records:

    16 passes caught with 14 clubs is just insane.
  • In which I stick to a single tactic in an attempt to not lose to Jochen Pfeiffer for the 9th time in a row.

    Not only had I lost to Jochen eight times in a row, and never beaten him ever, but NOBODY had beaten him since 2010. Going into the final on Saturday Jochen had an unbroken winning streak of 37 matches and 11 tournaments. He'd only ever not won a single tournament he'd entered. It's just crazy how good he is at three club combat.

    So after eight years of trying to beat him by playing in my normal style that works on everyone else, I said to friends before the tournament that "If I meet Jochen in the final, I'm going to play the most defensive match ever. I'll keep moving away from his attacks and only attack when I know I'm safe. I'm not going to try to be entertaining, and I don't care if this is the most boring match we ever play."

    All I needed to do was reliably not drop before Jochen dropped. And it miraculously worked. At 4-1 down, Jochen worked out what I was up to and really put on the pressure, but by then it was a question of probabilities. How likely would he fuck up before he got four points off me?
  • Yeah! Play to win the game!
  • Fuck yeah, Luke!
  • Apreche said:

    Yeah! Play to win the game!

    Yup! I knew going in I wouldn't be proud of how I'd have to play, but getting the win against Jochen at least once meant more to me.

    All five of my points were unforced errors by Jochen. One of Jochen's points was an unforced error by me, and his other three were successful attacks. It's not like I wasn't attacking Jochen, and he made one amazing save, but each time I did the opposite of pressing my advantage. I let the advantage come to me.
  • Shit is getting real again! It's records season in the juggling world!

    Ofek Snir is a young juggler from Israel. He's best known for doing crazy pirouettes, but he's also really good at 7 balls. And he broke Anthony Gatto's 7 ball juggling record! Which is fucking crazy, because everyone thought Gatto's records were going to last decades at least.

    7 balls for 12 minutes 51 seconds.

    Significantly, this is the first of Gatto's records that have been broken since Gatto retired from juggling, so Gatto might not try to break it again immediately. Gatto has retired from juggling before, and come back to dominate everyone again, but this time it seems like he's more likely to stay retired for longer, and if he does start juggling seriously again, it won't be at the extreme levels he worked at before, simply because his body isn't holding up.
  • Another Anthony Gatto record that might fall, but has just been matched, is how much of a dick you can be when juggling 8 clubs.

    I mean, someone matched Anthony's 8 club record of 16 catches, and did it in a comparably dickish way.

    Back in the day Gatto claimed to have juggled 8 clubs for 16 catches, but didn't have it on video, so some people challenged him to do so. He did so, easily, getting it three times in one practice session. And, because people doubted him, he came off as really insulting to other jugglers and arrogant in his record video. Check out the start of this video (the music has been replaced due to offensive language):

    Willy Colombaioni is a very good juggler who totally rips of Anthony's act. To be honest, if you're good enough to rip off Anthony's act, you must be incredible, but Willy does a really shoddy version of it.

    A few months ago Willy posted a series of videos with him claiming to do incredible tricks while balancing a club on his head, but anyone with any experience could tell they were faked. He had a club stuck to a strap on his head, and it moved nothing like a balanced club. When called on it, he insisted all the videos were real, but then didn't ever release unedited version of the tricks to see the start and end of the balance. He re-filmed a few tricks with a real balance, but didn't ever show the original claims.

    In other words, he's full of shit. I don't mind joking or trolling (I've done it myself) but when called on a fake, you should just own up to it.

    Willy has been working on 8 clubs for 16 catchs for a while, and posted a video where he went out of view at the end. Then he posted a new video:

    He claimed this was a record, but the way it is edited clearly covers up a dropped club. It's not even close to being good enough evidence for a world record. He posted a clarification video, but it was again edited in a very clumsy way.

    A number of other jugglers confronted him about it. It's not as if we didn't believe he could get the 16 catches, but that he hadn't done so in this attempt, and his continuing dishonesty wasn't doing him any favors. And I think it sets a really bad example for younger jugglers too.

    After he blocked me on Facebook, he actually got the trick for real, on camera, without having to resort to any edits or scamming. It's so clearly a real attempt and a real success, it makes me wonder why he ever bothered with the fake claims video:

    And, like Anthony Gatto, he reaches the peak of human juggling ability and ends up losing more fans than he gains.
  • Not even close to a world record, but my own personal best. After 9 years of not trying, it took me 8 training sessions to improve my 7 club record from 13 to 14 catches.

    2n catches is the unofficial line among jugglers of where you're juggling a real juggling pattern, as every object is thrown and caught at least twice. It has bothered me this whole 9 years that I never got 14 catches before, and now I have a training space with a high enough ceiling again so I went for it!
  • The biggest combat juggling tournament in the world ever is starting in about 50 minutes. 98 jugglers taking part, including 20 of the top 25 in the rankings. Fuck yeah! I'm taking part, of course.

    It's all live streaming here:
  • I love that this thread exists and it is one that I check in on when there are updates. I'm likely to never actively follow juggling current events or achievements, but the things I learn from this thread (like that combat juggling is a thing!) help make me a well rounded geek.
  • Luke, did you have anything to do with this?


    Courtesy /r/theocho
  • No. That is "Major League Combat", an amateur outfit that has one tournament per year (so is neither major nor a league).

    I organize Fight Night Combat, which is a waaaay more advanced format with the biggest tournaments in the world. For example, last week:

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    That looks way better than 10 kids running around smoking each other in the face.

    Feedback for your video! (Knowing nothing about your production process or anything)
    • The handheld camera could use some stabilization.
    • The breaks between points seem ripe for a replay or slow-mo of the last killing blow.
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  • Couldn't find a better place to link this.

    Sounds pretty cool overall, maybe @Luke Burrage has a reason to spend a month in Philadelphia
  • Ofek Snir broke the five ball world record in August. The video has finally been posted:

    All 2 hours, 41 minutes and 27 seconds of it! I was there to watch the end of it live. It's one of the most hardcore juggling records out there.
  • Alex Barron does it again:

    17 catches of 12 balls. This is probably the most difficult 17 catches of any juggling ever.
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