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House Hunting



  • Which VA lender are you working with? Or is this straight through some veterans association? I'm curious because there's a company in my town growing out of proportions by selling "Veterans Home Loans".
  • At this point I am going to rescind my offer and if the house is still on the market when it can be painted I will try again.
  • Last ditch effort. VA does allow escrow when weather does not permit a repair to be done but the lender can still refuse.
  • House deal is back on! Weather related repair loophole! Can't scrape and paint a house in freezing temps! Escrow for the win!
  • Now comes the real hard part... Getting a contractor to show up for a cost estimate.
  • Yes, it's amazing how sometimes people will refuse to allow you to give them money.
  • Estimates in and final escrow paperwork has gone to the lender. This is it, deal or no deal time.
  • I just got the 'clear to close' call !!!
  • Congrats! Sounds like you found a bargain and made a good deal.
  • Closing is next Thursday which leaves me only two weeks to clean and move unless I want to pay another months rent.
  • yea that can be a bitch, fortunately for me, my tenant moves in at the end of this month giving me a month and a half since move in to get my other house into renter shape.
  • One more day. Got my final closing costs number from Atty, turns out I've been living more of the pauper's life than I needed to. I was so scared I would need more money at closing than I had but it's good to know my account has 4x the amount I need.

    Will have to use that to buy a washer, dryer and fridge.
  • yea ended up with a bit more money at closing they always try and make you bring more money then you need to closing.

    For me it's buying a conversion to Gas, a new heater, water heater, stove and dryer. Weeeee.
  • Turns out my Atty is responsible for the extra low closing costs. She denied a bunch of lender fees and made it stick.
  • I keep misreading this thread's title as "Horse Hunting."
  • With recent problems in the UK you're not far from the truth.
  • With recent problems in the UK you're not far from the truth.
    A dead giveaway is when your beef tastes just like raisins.
  • We just priced out painting supplies at Lowes... $38 a gallon?
  • With recent problems in the UK you're not far from the truth.
    A dead giveaway is when your beef tastes just like raisins.
    I can't agree more. I thought everything was stable but it just keeps on rearing its head.
  • At least you know your meat is thoroughly bred.
  • I almost always buy Oops paint you can usually get a good color for 15 dollars a gallon, I've never cared much about what cream color my walls were.
  • I let her pick the colors so... Yeah... Accent walls... No white except on ceilings...

    She wanted to tear the plaster walls down and put up drywall! She wants to tear my house to pieces!
  • The only good reason to tear down plaster walls is WiFi reception. :-P

    I'm thinking of white-washing the interior side of the log walls of my house. I still haven't decided. There's a lot of restoration work to be done on the logs and windows before I get to aesthetics. We're still house-poor after 7 years and we will be another 4. :-)
  • I am counting on my plaster walls to keep out neighbor Wi-Fi signals. Too much channel congestion in the 2.5ghz range. Sadly only my PC supports dual band N so I will likely be running cat5 through the house rather than deal with the interference.
  • I'm waiting till I do my central Air upgrade to run my cat 6 cable I have. figure it will be easier to run them with the ducks.
  • I wish I could do central air. I'd love to have it, but there's not much room to retrofit when the only sheetrock/timber walls I have are for the stairwell and a few bathrooms/bedrooms. Everything else is 8" thick pine logs that had electrical run through them as they were stacked.

    I could do it, but my house would end up looking like something out of a Mad Max movie.
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