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Bad day for Norway...



  • So your solution is to exploit people for their sexuality because it's expected? Excluding irrelevant information from a story isn't "sweeping it under the rug;" it's good journalism.
    Someday people will be race blind and gender blind. Today is not that day. Since people are going to focus on it anyway, why not have good, inspiring examples along with the bad?
    How quickly we forget the lessons of the past! We dealt with this kind of subtle racism/any other -ism in the 60s and 70s. Minorities don't need guilty-feeling white people to stand up and defend their essence to the masses. Don't you think someone who is gay feels patronized when we try to legitimize them?

    They just need bigots to stop being bigots.
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    Let's see what Morgan Freeman thinks on the subject:

    Though, if we're going to make Queer History Month, I vote we call it "Fabulous History Month."
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  • Let's see what Morgan Freeman thinks on the subject
    I like that video. I agree.
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