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What have you bought recently?



  • Just front leaning rest for as long as you can. It'd like a feature length film, except nothing happens.
    That's doable, but just to warn you, you might want to watch that video with the screen facing away from the door. Towards the end I'll be making some weird faces as I start to get strained and flushed. And depending on the angle of the video it could be easily misinterpreted by someone walking in half way through.
  • As a point of note: I talked with the doctor about doing push-ups and she said that it's best to start with cardiovascular before you start on muscle building.
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory systems are pretty important, yo.
  • I finally caved and bought a 3DS, the limited-edition Fire Emblem version. It's my first handheld purchase since the DS Phat.
  • Good news, you got an awesome game and a cool looking 3ds. Bad news, it's not a 3ds xl.
  • New hard drive is in and I've installed enough steam games to nearly fill the capacity of my old primary drive. ^_^
  • The XL bloooowwsss~

    Or rather, it's too big and not to my preference ^_^
  • I dunno man, once you go xl you can't go back.
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    I dunno man, once you go xl you can't go back.
    Agreed. If you leave your XL at home 99% of the time, what matter the size.

    If you are one of the few remaining people that carry a DS as a portable system, as opposed to your quick play phone games, then.. MAYBE the non-XL is viable.. But even then...Nah :)

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    The 3DS actually does feel a bit small to me. That said, I've spent the last ten years playing the DS Phat and the original GBA. It's actually the thinnest (width-wise) handheld I've had in a decade.
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    Heh, but in saying the XL is the system to get, I play all my GBA games on a Micro...

    Go figure.

    Something about massive worlds (Final Fantasy 6) squished into that tiny tiny little system appeals to me. I carry it with me at all times. I have a massive world in my pocket.

    The Micro is practically a key ring decoration. God I love it, I cant explain why. Precisely.
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  • GeoGeo
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    A shirt of mine was recently ruined when I was walking in my garage and it got caught on a nail and it ripped so much that it was beyond repair. So I bought another one on Threadless. I thought this one was an awesome revisionist shirt.

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  • Not exactly bought, but traded for.
    This is probably the nicest gun I've owned to date. It's pretty tricked out as far as a 1911 goes. The only things it doesn't have are night sights (but it has high contrast three dot sights) and a super crisp trigger job (but the factory trigger is will not bad).
  • That is very nice.
  • How does it shoot (smooth, snappy, etc.)?

    You thinking about putting a crimson trace on it?
  • I bought a power supply and a hard drive recently. I've still got other parts to get and need a little more money to get all of them. Thankfully I caught them on sale, and I've managed to cut $20 from my budget. Not much, but every little bit counts.
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    How does it shoot (smooth, snappy, etc.)?

    You thinking about putting a crimson trace on it?
    I don't know, there is no .45ACP in my area. >_<.

    Nah, I don't need anything like that.
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  • Bought Le Havre on iOS for .99!
  • I bought a Gas Heater and a Gas Water Heater, Yay being an adult! ^_^
  • Four new soldering iron tips.
  • I bought a money pit... I mean a house. Next I have to buy a washer, dryer and fridge.
  • I bought one month of subscription. I know this makes me a hypocrite because they're a CBS subsidiary and CBS is one of the "big six" that I rant against, but they're also the one of the "big six" that pays my bills (Mr. Greg works for them) so it's in my interest to do business with them.
  • How does it shoot (smooth, snappy, etc.)?

    You thinking about putting a crimson trace on it?
    I don't know, there is no .45ACP in my area. >_<.

    Nah, I don't need anything like that. </p>
    the Sig shoots fantastic!
  • Washer, dryer and trudge have been purchased.
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    Went to a gun show and picked up a Benchmade Stryker.

    Edit: does it look like they're all troubled that I have another automatic knife?
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  • It looks like they're abominations of science, actually.

    Also, won't that knife be illegal to carry in most cities anyways?
  • I'm military so not so much, but I don't carry knives like that anyway cause they cost too much.
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    Don't like the tanto point, myself, I prefer a good drop point.

    Here's my usual folder, that rides right behind my leatherman -
    Cheap, but well made, and good steel.

    I also bought some cheap petrol-resistant hose, a cheap copper plumbing fitting, a spring and a marble, and made a simple jiggle siphon.

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  • I love me a tanto I've made use of the extra penetrating power a few times. How does that one hold an edge?

    Also what is the jiggle siphon for?
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