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  • When I get out of work I can do the idiot's guide to channel awesome and what each person does.
    That sounds like a good idea. Plus, it can hype up newer and not so well known people.
  • The Idiot's Guide to Channel Awesome! Part 1! I tell you who they are in one sentence and if I think the overall forum would enjoy watching it.

    Doug Walker: Nostalgia Critic and many other shows he is the main sell of the site and is very meme bating. Hit or Miss to the forum Audience

    BlockBuster Buster: The "Irate Gamer" of TGWTG, if you enjoy it great however most of you will not take to his humor reviewing Blockbuster Movies that are not that well.

    CR!: Familiar Face man that goes and talks about cartoons, comics, and anything animation. A really good artist (seriously needs to be in a Super Art Fight) and most of you would dig his analysis on various animators and voice actors.

    Diamanda Hagan: Hail Hagan! She reviews a lot of Z grade cinema ranging from Kung Fu, horror, and the generally bizarre. I get credit for finding her first (seriously go ask her) and very anti-critic in style. Most of you will dig her however may feel uneasy when doing it.

    Film Brian: British Movie reviewer that specializes in bad films and movies that premiere in England before the US (Projector series). A strieght man with flat analysis on films and does it really well. A bunch of you will enjoy his reviews and his dvd collections (look it up he has over 1000).

    Leon Thomas: Did the Heart of Gaming (GREAT series which ended go catch up with it). Now doing Renegade Cut where he talks about various film topics and stirs discussion. A bunch of you will disagree with him but would like how he presents his arguments.

    Luke Mocherie: The Son of Collin (yes THAT Collin Mocherie) who does split personality reviews, college had stalled his film work but a bunch of you will enjoy his positive/negative reviews on films.

    Mike J: British review reviewing horrible squeals to good movies if you enjoy BBC style comedy this is up your ally. He is producing a film now and does lots of music on the side including...

    Nash: The man behind Radio Dead Air ( a Radio show from 9 PM EST to 2 AM EST as well as What the Fuck is Wrong with You where he reviews the bizarre stories in the news and mocks those who commit the crimes. A big Dr. Who and comic fan most of you will get into his work.

    Oancitizen: The Art film reviewer, going into challenging works and analyzing them to a decent degree interpreting the symbolism and messages. Although you will disagree with his interpretations at times it is a nice one to watch.

    Obscurous Lupa: She is a Z grade film reviewer, including Zen Filmaking, bad action films, and various Kung Fu work, very dumb sounding to gain an audience but a handful of you will get past the act and enjoy it.

    Paw: Music Movie reviewer, discusses more about the soundtrack then the actual film and has some nice taste in music as well. Big King Quest fan and a good bunch of you will enjoy his work.

    Phelous: A reviewer who will break the 4th wall on a nearly constant basis to showcase how dumb horror movies are. If you often riff on reviewers taking their material seriously he is right up your ally.

    Rap Critic: A Rap Artist (seriously he is working on his second CD while attending college) and reviews rap songs more on the lyrical content then the beats themselves. A small number of you would get into him if you enjoy hip hop and rap.

    Sad Panda: If you ever wanted to see someone burn down all notions of internet filming this is it, also has a LOT of inside jokes. Most of you won't get half his content to watch at your own risk.

    That Sci Fi Guy: As the name implies he reviews sci-fi movies and other oddities, also is a beer drinker and fantasy geek. Most of you will enjoy his Dr. Wiki jokes and references.

    Todd in the Shadows: Pop Music reviewer, some who actually enjoys modern pop music but will rip into the crap with lyrical analysis. Most of you will enjoy his One hit Wonderland series more then his pop reviews.

    Welshy: Overall editor for the site by helping many producers with their intros, often review BBC shows and a variety of films that he enjoys. If you want to discover awesome movies from a horror fan give it a shot.

    So that is one tab of the site. I need a break now.
  • So, with the conclusion of The Boldly Flee out, does anyone else wonder about the future of the site especially with the retiring of the Nostalgia Critic character? I'm kind of curious over how other people will be affected because I'm hearing side-projects are starting to be worked on. (Especially from reading Lindsey's tumblr)

    For the movie itself, I enjoyed it more than the other two. The science, dramatic moments and music were quite involving and it really ended on a conclusion that made me feel curious for what would happen to these characters and how the real-life counterparts would change things after this movie. (Since the movie is said to be the last movie of it's kind) It wasn't that humorous, but I still really enjoyed how things played out.
  • It was the best crossover.

    And I won't be surprised if Doug Walker stops the Nostalgia Critic and begins other work for Blip and TGWTG.
    At the same time, since
    it ends with the world being inside a plot hole, it allows them to make sure nothing in their reviews has to make sense or be consistent if they don't want it to.
  • I wrote about my thoughts on the Nostalgia Critic ending on my Tumblr. I'll just copy and paste it here.

    So, I’m a fan of this guy called Nostalgia Critic. He’s an online reviewer I’ve been watching since 2009. His show became part of my weekly routine and I became a fan. Through him I saw two other shows that influenced me a lot and wouldn’t exist at all without him. They are Atop The Fourth Wall and Nostalgia Chick. Because Nostalgia Critic decided to do what he does, we got many people also wanting to make videos. Like how Little Kuriboh is looked to as starting the abridged series fandom and trend, this guy started the internet video reviewer as most people know it.

    Well, the show ended through one of the anniversary movies called To Boldly Flee. The site he and other started are filled with reviewers, comedians and creators and every year they make a movie. This is the last movie.

    Why does it mean so much to me that an internet show ended? Why do I have “the feels” as Tumblr folks would put it. Why do I care so much? Well, why not care. As my roomie said, it doesn’t matter and putting a distinction that you can’t be moved by something like this is like saying it’s low art. Art, film, comics, internet shows, if it moves you, it moves you.

    Also, it helped that To Boldly Flee was a great miniseries and was the best written.

    It’s just that his character has a great arc through those movies and it ended great. There’s a point where your character has an end. A point where there isn’t anything else you could do. This was the case.

    Doug Walker is an awesome guy. He got me into this part of the internet. Honestly, That Guy With The Glasses is just another fandom of mine and that I wish I could be more active in. (As Viga anyway and not as another identity. Maybe soon.)

    So, I guess to wrap this up, thanks for creating the fandom. Thanks for the site of awesome talent. Thanks for existing. Thanks for inspiring and creating the two reviewers I look up to most. Thanks for laughs. Thanks for entertainment. Thank you, Critic. Thank you, Doug.

    I’ll be following you to see what you come up with next.

    See you, Space Cowboy.

    You, know, because canonically you’re in space. :P
  • Has he said if he's discontinuing it or not yet? I saw Rob tweet that he wasnt taking questions last night, but heard nothing since.
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    They're apparently going to be releasing a video tonight addressing the future of the site, so don't count your critics before they've croaked.

    Personally I do want Doug to move on from the NC character, not because I don't like the NC (the series has been hugely influential on me too, even if I don't enjoy it as much as I used to), but because creatively it feels like he would be better served by moving on to other material. However, I know the NC show makes a decent amout of money and is what netted Doug a deal with Blip, so it may not actually be possible for him to end it even if he wants to.

    Bearing that in mind, my guess is that maybe an evolution of the show is at hand? I'm really eager to see what's going to happen. So long as it isn't "Yeah, the NC episodes will just continue as is, we were just messing with you LOOOOL" I think it will be a step in the right direction for him. Change = good. Stagnation = baaaad.
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  • The video is up.

    So the truth about TGWTG is...SPOILERS!
    Yeah, no more Nostalgia Critic. I'm sad, but I do respect their decision because you don't want the act to become stale. And I do feel like Doug was sort of spinning his wheels because he wasn't actually reviewing "Nostalgic" material.

    -Channel Awesome having a STUDIO however? Amazing. That's fantastic news. I imagine the casting call will only appeal towards Chicagoans
    -I appreciate the idea of doing retrospectives with the series still, like potentially the worst movie, favorite reviews, least favorite reviews and bits.
    -I see "Demo Reel" having a lot of amazing potential, but I am worried just because there's so much more responsibility there. Again to relate it to Spill, they built up their attention from working nearly a decade at Public Access and do they have stories...

    If any of you guys have twitter, take a peak at what the Channel Awesome people are saying, because it's touching how much working with Doug Walker has helped them. ^_^
  • I'm excited for everything that is coming up for the site. :)
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    I can't wait to see what is next, but I have to admit, I was kinda emotional about this. A lot of those shows are part of my regular routine. I talked about it Jed and I realized, it's because I forgot that my favorite internet things will end. At least someday.


    This forum better not end! :p
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  • Now the bigger announcement will come Monday with Mike Michauld (the business guy) will discuss the future, I'd get more excited about that announcement.
  • Even if this forum stops being hosted, the friendships we all made will not disappear.

    That sounds like a line from Digimon or something, but I DON'T CARE. XD It's cheesy, but true.
  • If the forum stopped being hosted, one of us would start hosting a new one and spread the word. Probably less than 10% of people would be lost in the shuffle.
  • Oh, are you guys offering to host this forum for me? Thanks! That saves me a lot of moneys.
  • Very happy to see this decision, and looking forward to seeing what their team does with the new show and the new studio. May have to do a marathon of all my favourite NC episodes sometime in the near future.
  • Here is the bigger announcement . Fans should read it.
  • Sounds very cool. I look forward to all the growth.
  • I say this without exaggeration of any kind: Oancitizen's review of Melancholia is the most intelligent, heartfelt, sad, hopeful, and genuinely moving piece of video on the entire site.

    This is the first time I have cried during a stupid internet review video, and for good reason. The themes and feelings he discusses in relation to the movie clearly come from some place that's very real, and some place that, while I have never felt first-hand for myself, I experienced all too painfully through a close friend up until recently. On top of that, the review has some pretty good gags interspersed in the early parts, and despite being drawn to the lows that a film like Melancholia necessitates, it ends on a sincerely positive note that encourages life and the continuance of making one's voice heard.

    You should all watch it. No, I urge you to watch it. Maybe if you're not an avid TGWTG follower, you won't know who all the people are or what all the references mean, but from the way the other reviewers are utilized throughout, you should get a very good sense of why they are important and what they mean to Oan/Kyle as fellow contributors, supporters, and friends. And just as moving as the video itself, if not more, are the comments on the video page pouring in from people who have experience with depression and anxiety sharing their stories of lows and highs -- people who had never thought to make accounts before signing in for the first time just to say how much this video spoke to them.

    This is what should arise from this kind of video reviewing. This is the kind of community and support that talking about silly movies for the internet can and should create ultimately. Regardless of whether you love or hate certain creators, that old adage of Rym and Scott's rings true: good or bad, at least these people are creating something, which is more than can be said for most people. And by creating something, they can create discussion - they can create happiness - and they can very well create art.
  • I just finished watching that video and I'm glad Eryn brought it up, but that is the most I've been moved and reflective while watching a TGWTG video. The way he talks about Trier's views of depression is so spot-on and real that it made me even reflect on how I get into similar funks of non-communication or stasis.

    But it does work the best because throughout the video, you do get to see his interactions with the other contributors/creators/friends and how it slowly starts strong, the falls down, then rises back up. It's glorious to see Kyle/Oan go through this transformation throughout the video, because like Dunst's performance, it rings very true with going through the various levels of depression and self-worth. (Which I hear Lupa's 100th video also covers the issue)

    Seriously though, you get everything with that review. Lessons on Von Trier, a critical analysis of the movie, correlations with other art that can be compared with it, getting respectful, true cameos from other people, and some great moments that will really make you feel. (I actually cracked up during that Muppets comparison)

    So salutes to you, Kyle/Oan! 50 More videos to you!

    Something I found infinitely amusing: I got the chance to talk to him at MAGFest this year, which was a treat, but I had to pause the video because I asked him specifically about Dogtooth. He told me several people had also asked him about it, but he could never make enough material for it to make a full video. So, that little bit was something interesting. X3
  • I say this without exaggeration of any kind: Oancitizen's review of Melancholia is the most intelligent, heartfelt, sad, hopeful, and genuinely moving piece of video on the entire site.
    Beat me to it, although I can point to a couple of others that also did this but not so well, this one is worth the time to watch for everyone on here.
  • Wow... That was painful. Like, good painful. The end was preachy and annoying, but damn, Kyle ought to win something for that. And not just some Webby bullshit, but, like, a real award.
  • Thank you Eryn for posting that.
  • I'm partway through and feel like I'm gonna cry...Dammit.
  • It's was pretty good, but all the cameos really ruined the pacing.
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    Maybe, but they all served a point in the story, which is more than I can say about any other cameo on this website.

    And with it done, I have to say that I won't be missing an episode of Brows Held High anymore.
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  • Forgot to comment here sooner, but oh well.

    Sooooo. The Nostalgia Critic is coming back. Feelings?

    I posted my opinion in detail here (TL;DR: I think he should have stayed retired, but I still respect his reasons for deciding to come back back and will stay cautiously optimistic), but I'm curious to hear the reactions of others.
  • I'm guessing page hits dropped dramatically. It's been less than six months, or so I gather from the posts here.
  • I kinda liked Demo Reel, but I did miss the NC, so I'm for it. Especially if a new less rushed scheduled works similarly for Mr. Walker as it did for this podcast.

    I hope the other actors get some work out of the experience.
  • I would guess that too, yeah. Combination of that and that feeling of personal failing, maybe. He's been almost palpably distressed and over-apologetic talking about some of his failed videos in commentaries in the past, which gives me the sense that he gets really insecure about anything less than the best in terms of reactions and popularity for his stuff.
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