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Wii U



  • There's no reason why this monitor wouldn't accept an A/V signal converted to VGA and the Dell Ultrasharp would.

    It would have an HDMI, but then I'd also be out $500.
    The Dell Ultrasharp has AV inputs. No converter necessary.
  • Why not just get a cheap HDTV?
  • Even still, $500.
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    I mean cheap.

    I had a 22" 1080P Vizio with built in wireless and a large number of jacks. I think I spent $199 for it about three years ago.

    I say "had" because it was in the possession of an ex-gf when we broke up and I never saw it again '(

    I really miss that little TV...
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  • Just check goodwill and other thrift stores for a decent little flatscreen CRT tv. You can get one for like $5-$10 without any converter bullshit. If you're just doing A/V anyway the quality isn't really going to change.
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    Not the same as what I had but mine was a 'smart TV' before that term was being used.
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  • Why not just get a cheap HDTV?
    They're pretty low resolution.

  • Why not just get a cheap HDTV?
    They're pretty low resolution.

    If this is for a Wii isn't 1080P as good as is needed?

  • Wii U doesn't need great resolution. I just wanted/needed it to work on my desk, because I don't have anywhere else to fit a TV and Wii U in my room at my apartment, and my desk is too small to fit a third monitor/TV.
  • If you got a cheap TV the same size as your current monitor you could strap them back to back and just turn it around when you want to play Wii?
  • ...Maybe? Not sure if I have even that much room.
  • Yeah. I'm not super worried about that right now, though.
  • Pre-ordered my Wii U Wind Waker bundle yesterday
  • Angry that they made that and the price drop right after I bought my Wii U for Pikmin. *Sigh*
    Oh well. Pre-ordered the WW Bundle with the Ganondorf Statue.
  • Angry that they made that and the price drop right after I bought my Wii U for Pikmin. *Sigh*
    Oh well. Pre-ordered the WW Bundle with the Ganondorf Statue.
    I'm angry I can't pay an extra $5 to get the Ganondorf statue at all. Silly pre-orders.
  • :P
    Yep. Everything is full of silly.
    Although, I would prefer a pre-order to give me that rad Gamepad, rather than one giving me a Ganondorf statue.
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    Yeah, the WW Wii U looks mighty attractive.

    I wonder if the digital copy will be available when the special Wii U ships or if we have to wait until October for the disc release.
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    Yeah, the WW Wii U looks mighty attractive.
    If you plan on buying a Wii U in the next few months, get the bundle. You're getting Wind Waker for free, essentially. But there may also be a Mario 3D World bundle or a Mario Kart bundle... so I'm sure there are plenty of opportunities in the future to grab one.
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  • Wind Waker HD will be in the eShop on Sept 20, which is earlier than the retail copy. Could this be a test run for Nintendo?

    No word on how large the download will be.
  • Eh, I prefer having a physical copy of a retail release, but that's just me. That being said, really happy about the price drop. My Wii's having trouble working, but it at least works well enough to transfer WiiWare/VC software. At least the price won't sting as much.
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    I prefer having a physical copy also, but got-damn, the price drop and the Zelda bundle was all I was really waiting for in buying a Wii U. I had to pre-order.
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  • Nintendo's policy towards digital content is shitty, but it's really a symptom of how Japanese Companies operate. They fear leaving existing business models and going towards the future in almost every respect.
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    Jeremy didn't know about Pikmin until he saw Pikmin 3. I told him about Pikmin 1 & 2 that was released on the Wii. Too bad they are pretty hard to find at normal price. It's overpriced online and most the game stores don't have it.

    I did luck out by checking my local grocery/department store (Fred Meyer) and they had like 5 copies of Pikmin 2 for $20. As for Pikmin 1, we found it used for $30.

    If only Nintendo put ALL their old games available through download. :(

    This will more than likely mean that we will eventually get a Wii U down the road when it gets cheaper.
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    I will admit I have a lot of nostalgia for Nintendo and thought that the DS was possibly the best gaming system created. I picked up the 3DS XL on launch day in New Zealand and that system is now at critical mass of games. I don't even need to list them all.

    The Wii-U however, was always a "wait and see" as it was too much money to spend on a box without my *requisite* 5 games. (I won't buy a system until I can buy 5 must play games on the same day - A sign that the console is ready for me :)

    But then, one of our major retailers had a Fire Sale on the Wii-U. I picked up a deluxe for what would be the equivalent of about $150 US. Possibly even $130 US.

    Although there are still not many games out yet, I'm going to get Pikmin 3 (loved the first two), Rayman legends (which is getting crazy good reviews) and I just picked up Toki Tori 2 which me and my son are playing through. That game is devious! Love it.

    Then that 3D mario game later in the year will probably be it for the Wii-U this year. Which is fine, as I have Etrian Odyssey 4, Dream Team, ALTTP 2 and Pokemon coming out for 3DS! Sick.

    I'm pretty much all in on handhelds and off-TV play this generation.

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  • Okay guys, sorry to revive this old thread but I think it's the best place for this. Although everybody says this is not worth buying for their own reasons, I really, really feel I'm missing something because I wanns play the new Mario's, Luigi's and all the same old things nintendo makes that excites me.
  • Waiting until it's on super sale, and even then I probably may not get it.
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    I thought it was worth buying and play it more than any console currently. Although I often am playing it multiplayer with people who come over. Plus its the only other thing that has exclusives. Everything else I just play on PC. Currently playing DKC Tropical Freeze and its a whole lot of DKC. It's worth owning now more than it was considering the games for it now. Still not a whole lot but enough to keep you satisfied. I also got it on a sale at Target that made it $50 less than retail and I got buy two get one free on games so I essentially paid for one game and got two "free".

    It's one of those consoles where if your friends own one don't worry about buying one, but if no one has one and you want to play one buy it and be the guy that has one. I sorta felt this was how the gamecube was too (and sorta the Wii although I barely played the Wii outside of SSBB, Punch Out, and Galaxy).
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  • Rochelle said:

    Waiting until it's on super sale, and even then I probably may not get it.

    Good idea, something to look forward to. I did that with the Wii, I bought it used with beer money just to play DK country returns and Marios.

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