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  • New Super Mario Bros U was the best 2D Mario I'd played since Mario World. Super Mario 3D World was the best 3D Mario I'd played since Mario 64.

    NES Remix was fucking awesome, and there's a sequel on the way in April!

    I bought a Wii U on launch day, and of course it was a 100% irresponsible decision (see: 60 games in Steam library, and other piles of shame), but I have rarely had a bad experience with the Wii U. I've played 7 games on it, I think, and Game & Wario was the only shit one, but I KNEW it was shit when I paid $10 for it on black friday. I have yet to play Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, and the new Donkey Kong game, so I'm already falling behind.
  • You know what? The Wii U plays Wii games, right? I'll just get a WiiU2 in 5 years. For someone who never had a WiiU it will be a worthwhile investment because it will play the greatest hits of both the WiiU and WiiU2, which will be enough games to make the system purchase not a waste.
  • We can assume that will probably work, unless the console goes all digital. But this is Nintendo, so that's 30 years away.
  • You are forgetting how quickly Nintendo shutters online services. While a Wii-U2 may play the older games parts of those older games may no longer work.

    In fact I think I just read that some DS online support is ending soon.
  • HMTKSteve said:

    You are forgetting how quickly Nintendo shutters online services. While a Wii-U2 may play the older games parts of those older games may no longer work.

    In fact I think I just read that some DS online support is ending soon.

    None of these worthwhile games are online. Worst case, WiiU games will be in virtual console three or four generations out.

  • I haven't been paying attention.

    This just came to my attention:

    I am obligated to get a Wii-U now.
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    The game? I figured you would have been all over that a while ago. Especially since I think I mentioned Yarn Yoshi to you in another thread. Granted it was in the context of knitting but I thought you might have seen pictures from that point on :P.

    Also not related to Yarn Yoshi but Bayonetta 2 out tomorrow.
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  • I haven't been paying much attention to anything by Nintendo. I probably didn't notice that other post, sorry.

    But yes. It's basically more Yoshi with Kirby's Epic Yarn. I'm ok with this. The cuteness. Oh mans.

    I remember seeing a cosplayer in full Amigurumi Yoshi. Could be this person:
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    If anyone sees any good bundle deals for the Wii-U this upcoming holiday season, let me know. I don't care for Smash Bros, but wouldn't mind the Mario with the cat suits. I'm looking at you, @Matt Morgan
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  • The Wii U itself is an increasingly good deal nowadays, since they have cut the price by $50, and added Super Mario 3D World (an excellent Mario game, cat suits included), without removing Nintendoland from the bundle. So now you're talking $299 for a console with two full-price games included. Unfortunately, this is not as good as the mid-summer Mario Kart 8 + Nintendoland + Free Mario/Zelda/Pikmin download copy all for $299.

    The holiday deals so far on Nintendo stuff are pathetic. I do not expect any good deals to be advertised anymore. The deals I find on Black Friday are companies quietly slashing old inventory to ridiculously low impulse-buy territory so that they can more another handful of units while you are (supposedly) already there shopping the advertised deals. Think Wii U launch titles for $5.

    So what is advertised so far? Best Buy has a deal that simply adds onto the current 2-game Wii U bundle: spend $60 more and you get both Smash Bros and the newest Donkey Kong Country game. Not worth it. They do have 15% off of eShop cards though, and there are worthwhile games on there, so play the currency exchange game if you like. Meyer has the $299 for a full $50 off, but it likely involves going in person and getting trampled. Pass.

    If a deal bundle pops up it is probably going to be some mega bundle with amiibo or other shit in it. If you want the Wii U I would just keep an eye out for something like a department store offering $30 gift card back with purchase. Those usually pop up this time of year.

    The Xbox One deals are particularly crazy this season, it would seem, because who the hell wants one? You can get the system at $20 discount, with two full-price games included and a $50 gift card back.
  • I've updated the spreadsheet to include Nintendo Network ID names.

    Let me know your Network ID and I'll add it when I get a chance.

  • Pleasantly surprised with the Wii U so far. The mega bundle that came with Nintendoland and Super Mario 3D World has been worth it. Haven't tried Mario, but Nintendoland has been a nice entertains casual party game. I love how it has Nintendo property themed mini games. I also like how it has a Plinko game from the coins you earn.

    Plan on taking it to our friend's New Years Party. Someone is bringing Smash. Too bad I'm not really interested in that game. I want to pick up Mario Kart 8, but would like to see a price drop (haha I know).

    I also like the social side of it, seeing others post about games they are playing and their fan art.

    But soon Yoshi's Wooly World. I rewatch the trailer and I'm in awe of how adorable the game is and am very excited for it.
  • Mario Kart 8 was down to $35 at points during what can now only be described as "Black Friday month," but I'd be surprised to see it get more than a $10 discount for quite some time moving forward. It is worth it though!

    The Nintendoland package is hit or miss, but the hits are genuine hits! The 5-player chase-type games are a very basic use of the gamepad but they are very well executed and are the sort of games you'll keep going back to over time. I particularly enjoyed the Donkey Kong balancing game. It was like what Monkey Ball should have been on the Wii (i.e., not a huge disappointment).
  • I do like how there are discounts on Virtual Console and other games in the eShop. I am currently playing Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island on the Wii U. I'm tempted to pick up Pushmo World as well.

    But yeah, that Donkey Kong game is pretty challenging. I am not pro at that game yet.
  • I find myself using my Wii U more than more with gaming. Still playing Hyrule Warriors. It's like a combination of all the Zelda games and just killing shit. I wouldn't mind more puzzle type dungeons.

    That Mario/Donkey Kong Stars games looks pretty cool. If you get it on the Wii U, you also get the 3DS version as well for $20. Not too bad.

    Also Mario Party 10 or whatever number comes out this week. I'll have to add that to the list.
  • I've been playing PS4 more since there are just some games that I've been deciding to buy on console since their PC counterpart is all jenk. But before that my Wii U was probably my most played console.
  • This reminds me of the Animal Crossing e-reader cards. I bought way too many of those.
    On a side note I'm kind of excited about the possibilities of area rugs in Animal Crossing.
  • Dat NX better be Wii U compatible. I want to play some Mario Maker next year.
  • The internet has been whispering about Mario Maker levels being deleted without explanation. Will Mario Maker even be alive for much longer if that continues?
  • It really wouldn't be surprising if it was just selling so poorly that they didn't need to make any more for a while. I'm just hoping it'll get a big price drop soon so I can play the first party titles.
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