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Official GeekNights CounterStrike: GO Server



  • I can't figure it out. I'm just going to play on some other servers. Tons of people are having the problem, but all of the "solutions" are BS.
  • I can't figure it out. I'm just going to play on some other servers. Tons of people are having the problem, but all of the "solutions" are BS.
    Mind if I join a game? I just played a Competitive match but I still have the CS itch.

  • Too bad. I'm havin final night of gaming, as I tomorrow (today) leave to my parents place for the holidays and my PC gaming capabilities will be majorly restricted.
  • Added to favorites. Is there anywhere people idle? Like the GeekNights Steam Group or IRC when playing?
  • I will join the server in some minutes. It may reboot a few times while I futz with it first.
  • I will be lounging in the server for a while, if anyone would like to join.
  • Somebody come play with me.
  • Are there peak times? I've never seen anyone logged onto the server and I want to combine my interest in GN with my interest in GO. :)
  • Maybe someone could schedule an event of some kind?
  • Someone give me a date and time and I'll set up a Steam announcement for you guys.
  • Some time this weekend?
  • Right now. Do it.
  • Anyone up for this Saturday?
  • I could do this Saturday. Around what time, do you think?
  • I am home for three weeks now so ill certainly be on some time. In evenings, Europe times.
  • I was thinking after noon EST. Should be 6-8pm for you luke.
  • I would be up for this.
  • Ah perfect, the windows patch will be out, so I can play games again!
  • Who is up for some shooty shooty?
  • Gunter is.
  • Okay, I'm joining the server now.
  • Where is everyone?
  • Where is everyone?
  • I can fit in a few games before I have to get doing stuff.
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    Joining. Hope you don't mind that I'm not very good.

    EDIT: Computer's acting up. Need to do some maintenance. Can't play tonight.
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    Good fun, that. Luke is pretty damned good, so is Apsup. Not sure I know the other guys, but they were no slouches.

    Edit - I'll propably jump on in about 3 hours, when I've gotten done what I need to do.
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  • Thanks for the fun games, guys! Who is Freddie? Thanks for sticking around.

    I'm only okayish at CS. With these bots it's hard not to get massive kill/death ratios. Unfortunately, due to the bots lining up to die, such domination doesn't always mean winning a game or match.

    I hope to get some more FRCF server games in over the coming few weeks. Post a time to this thread, and I'll do my best to get there.
  • I'm Freddie. Had to duck out for a bit to take care of a few things for work. Good game guys.
  • I'm Freddie.
    No, you're Alan.
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