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I'm curious if people would be interested in doing a FRCF Simulwatch of anime (or movies, or tv shows, get the idea). We would (ideally) watch shows that aren't well known, or are under appreciated. We would watch an episode or two a day, and there would be a few breather days in between for people to catch up/take a break. Suggestions on shows to watch would be appreciated since I have no idea what you all would consider obscure or under appreciated for FRCF. Make a solid case for it too; don't just say "We should watch Captain Tylor because it's awesome!", instead tell us why it's awesome, AND would make for a good simulwatch show. After I get around 10 or so choices, I'll make a Google Poll for everyone to vote on; whatever ends up winning is what we'll watch.


  • I am definitely interested in this. Sign me up.
  • I would totally be down for something like that.
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    I'd be down too, and I'll put forth the first suggestion: Chihayafuru. It's got the same vibe that Hajime no Ippo and Hikaru no Go have. It's a really engaging take on an obscure (to westerners) game that makes you really stoked to play/do something that you probably can't in your area. It's also free to stream via ANN (probably in the US only).
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  • I'll try.
  • Am I allowed to fall asleep while watching?
  • Only if you're covered in popcorn.
  • I may or may not have a "screener of Django Unchained."
  • I might join sometimes, but I can't expect to be a regular or even a frequent simulwatcher.
  • I might join sometimes, but I can't expect to be a regular or even a frequent simulwatcher.
    Yeah, I could simulwatch a movie, but I can't stop by regularly for the same reason I don't watch shows when they air.

  • Any more suggestions besides Chihayafuru?
  • Man, forum simulwich would be great; We all buy the same sandwich and eat it on Google Hangout.
  • Forum Simulburrito would be the greatest thing ever. Trogdor, Pangloss, JoeBoomer and I occasionally do SMS SimulTacoBell, and it's utterly hedonistic.
  • Sounds pretty fun. How long a series would be chosen?
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    Depends on what people vote for. Could be a handful of 12 episode shows, four weeks of four movies, or half a year of LOGH.
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  • Fun idea, little late to synch nicely with the Geeknights Utena episodes being released. I already do it with Joe Boomer in regards to movies.
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    Considering they've only released two vids so far, and that rewatching Utena is practically a must, I don't think it would be a bad idea to include Utena as a possible Simulwatch. At the very least, we could get some continuous discussion going on.
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  • Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997, 39 Ep TV series)
    To quote Wikipedia…

    The main character is Utena Tenjou, a tomboyish teenage girl who was so impressed by a kind prince in her childhood that she decided to become a prince herself (expressed in her manner of dress and personality). She attends Ohtori Academy, where she meets a student named Anthy Himemiya, a girl who is in an abusive relationship with another student. Utena fights to protect Anthy and is pulled into a series of sword duels with the members of the Student Council. Anthy is referred to as the "Rose Bride" and is given to the winner of each duel. As Anthy is thought to be the key to a coming revolution, the current champion is constantly challenged for the right to possess the Rose Bride.
    Why we should watch it: While the show looks like an atypical magical girl show, it's a highly surreal and allegorical coming of age story, and fantasy story, and science fiction story, get he idea.
    Why we shouldn't watch it: A lot of people have seen it more than once. Though Utena plays especially well to rewatches, some people might want something new and different for a simulwatch.

    Michiko and Hatchin (2008, 22 Ep TV Series)
    Created by a number f Bebop/Champloo staff (though it lacks Watanabe in the director's chair) about a prison escapee (Michiko) who rescues a girl from her abusive family (Hatchin), though not entirely for altruistic reasons. Set in Brazil, very similar to Samurai Champloo, though it lacks the anachronisms.
    Why should we watch it: It's a well made story with character types you don't often see in anime, especially recent ones.
    Why we shouldn't watch it: It's laser focus on the characters could be a turn off for some people.

    Legend of the Galactic Heroes (1988-97, 110 Ep OVA)
    It's a space opera that everyone who has actually seen it wont shut up about. If any of you are literature nuts, think Issac Asimov's Foundation series, but in anime form.
    Why we should watch it: Everyone that has ever seen this show and stuck with it has loved it to death.
    Why we shouldn't watch it: 110 episodes means either a cracktastic three months of an episode a day, or a more spaced out half year schedule.

    Steins;Gate (2011, 24 Ep TV series)
    Rintaro Okabe is a mad scientist who invents a microwave that lets him and his friends send text messages into the past, allowing for time travel and dimension hopping shenanigans.
    Why we should watch it: Really good sci-fi thriller with good characters and deserving of all the praise it got.
    Why we shouldn't watch it: It's very popular among internet anime fans, so it's not exactly an unknown or unappreciated work.

    Cobra (1982, 31 Ep TV series)
    Cobra is the universe's greatest space pirate who's on the run from the Space Pirate Guild and the law. He wields the Psychogun, a weapon powered and controlled by his will.
    Why we should watch it: It's one of the coolest, entertaining, and obscure shows to come out of 80's.
    Why we shouldn't watch it: It's really episodic and light on the plot, which tends to deal with ladies being treasure maps to space loot (no, you read that right).

    Planetes (2008, 12 Ep TV series)
    Space Trashmen....IN SPACE! Very realistic science fiction story following the crew of the DS-12 "Toy Box" of the Space Debris Section of the Technora Corporation. At it's heart a character story, the depictions of space and all the science and technology involved just adding tot he flavor.
    Why we should watch it: Because SPACE, and the manga was created by Makoto Yukimura (who is now working on Vinland Saga), and was directed by Goro Taniguchi (the guy who did Code Geass).
    Why we shouldn't watch it: Though relatively unknown amongst mainstream crowds, Planetes is fairly well known and lauded on the internet, so there might be more than a few of you who have seen it already.

    New Getter Robo (2004, 13 Ep TV series)
    New Getter Robo is a stand-alone remake of the Go Nagai manga that sticks closer to the original work than any other production yet. Inshort, three badasses pilot a Lovecraftian powered robot that may or may not be the doom of humanity.
    Why we should watch it: Entertaining as hell, a great soundtrack, and arguably the best Getter series to date.
    Why we shouldn't watch it: It's a Go Nagai super robot show and all that entails; I think that just means it's guaranteed awesome, but others may disagree.

    Crest of the Stars (1999, 13 Ep TV series)
    It's a space opera, though unlike the previously mention LOGH it focuses on the people living inside the massive space empires and how they're affected by decisions outside their control. It's a coming of age story that focuses on meeting and dealing with a foreign culture.
    Why we should watch it: It's earned its praise and accolades, and is fairly unconventional.
    Why we shouldn't watch it: Like Planetes, it's a known quantity on the internet, so it's probably been watched by a lot of you already.

    Chihayafuru Season One (2012, 25 Ep TV series)
    Chihaya Ayase wants nothing more than to enjoy a good game of karuta, too bad it's seen by most of her peers as a kids game. Fortunately for her, she reunites with her childhood friends at high school, and they team up to join in on some surprisingly serious karuta tournaments.
    Why we should watch it: Though recent, it went under a lot of people's radar because it focuses on an obscure (for Western audiences that is) ancient Japanese word and card game.
    Why we shouldn't watch it: The shows use of karuta might bore a lot of people to death (there's a reason it's an unknown show despite being made last year, and receiving a new season this year).

    Mamoru Oshii Filmography
    Mamorou Oshii is a weird dude who has made a lot of really good movies (and just as many not so good ones) over the last three decades. I figure watching four or five of his most lauded movies might not be a bad way to kick off this whole simulwatch thing.
    Why we should watch: Because it's Mamoru Oshii.
    Why we shouldn't watch: Fuck if I know.

    Oscar Season 2012 (?)
    We would watch all the movies up for Best Picture this year, and at the end we would poll to see which one we think is the best picture.
    Why we should watch it: Cause it'll be fun, and I like having an excuse to go see Zero Dark Thirty.
    Why we shouldn't: It would cost actual money, unless you happen to be an exceptionally resourceful individual.

    And the poll. Hopefully I made it right.
  • I'm still unclear about the format for this. Is this a "let's all watch these episodes these weeks" or " let's stream these episodes each week and watch them together"? Or possibly both and the people who can't watch the stream watch on their own time?
  • A little of both. For almost all of the tv shows we would watch an episode on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with Tuesday, Thursday and the weekend to act as buffers/catchup days. For the Oshii Film Fest, one movie a week (probably on Friday). For LOGH...well, either the three episode a week format, or one episode a day, everyday.
  • How exactly are we planning to get this business done?
  • I have to say, that'd be a bit too much of a commitment for me and I speculate others as well.
  • I'll wait a few days for everyone who's interested to answer the poll. Whatever wins is what we'll watch. After I share that, we'll start after a few days so that anyone who wants to join in has the time needed to acquire whatever it is that we're watching.

    In regards to spoilers; anything current or previously watched can be talked about without warning, while any future episodes will.
  • I can't really commit to this, but it sounds fun!
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    I have to say, that'd be a bit too much of a commitment for me and I speculate others as well.
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  • A TV show is too much commitment. People will miss one episode and never come back. I say we keep it to films, short films, and miniseriesesesers. I'll come up with some recommendations in a bit.
  • I have a Livestream channel where I've streamed stuff for friends on another forum before. It'd be fun just to have a simple FRCF movie night or something.
  • Guess its a good thing that, so far, Oshii is the only one that everyone who's bothered to vote has agreed on.
  • A TV show is too much commitment. People will miss one episode and never come back. I say we keep it to films, short films, and miniseriesesesers. I'll come up with some recommendations in a bit.
    I like this idea.

    I haven't seen Blade Runner in forever, I could use a re-watch on that.

  • I can't really commit to this, but it sounds fun!
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