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Android: Netrunner



  • Might go for a similar storage solution. Definitely need to get some of those really useful boxes.
    Shhhh....that is part of my "how to stuff your box" panel.
  • Might go for a similar storage solution. Definitely need to get some of those really useful boxes.
  • So I bit the bullet and bought two more copies of Netrunner. Went to a Netrunner meetup last night, and seriously considering a tournament on Saturday. Having the three core sets really helps a lot. Having three consoles means you get the console every game, which helps so damn much.

    It also means I have two extra punch boards of credits/tokens. I also have 6x extra of every card which there are 3x of in the core set. I have 3x extra of every card for which there are 2x in the core set. If Rym actually starts playing when he gets back I'll probably give him 1x of the 2x cards. So two other people with the core set who want to fill out their 2x cards can let me know. Or maybe someone doesn't have the game at all and wants to get into it, and doesn't mind not having any of the 1x core cards, let me know. Don't want these to go to waste.

    In other news. I'm going to try to get the game working on OCTGN. It's some awful shit software. I might not have the patience to make it work. If someone else tried it as well, we might be able to make it work together.

    Lastly, I also bit the bullet and bought sleeves. We'll see how that goes. Going to practice the shit shuffle.
  • Learn to weave. Inexperienced riffling in sleeves will blow them out at a prodigious rate.
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    Not to derail this thread by talking again about the game I'm playing instead of Netrunner, but here goes. I understand why you'd need sleeves in a competitive card game, but I saw guys at the local shop playing X-Wing with sleeved cards. Let me clarify, the cards in X-Wing are there for reference purposes only. I guess it's just an uncontrollable habit for some.
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  • OCTGN is so shitty, it's unbelievable.
  • OCTGN is so shitty, it's unbelievable.
    They all are. Roll20 is the only virtual tabletop that's not horrid, and it's streamlined for RPGs.
  • OCTGN is so shitty, it's unbelievable.
    Better to play IRL anyway. Although I wouldn't say no to an app :)

    Have enough people played to discuss the game yet?

    My favorite mechanic is the forced corp draw each turn. They WILL draw agendas into their hand, over time. It's inevitable. They can't just turtle up, the corp MUST play and score agendas via remote servers. It's the only way!
    The longer they take... Every turn.. One more card in hand. One more possible agenda in hand.
    Take too long and the runner will just start running your hand, hard.

    I just really like that dynamic. An in game clock. Play your cards corp! You want to play safe and ice up? Better protect your hand... But at what cost? Your remote servers?? Your library?

    That forced draw is genius. It's what makes the game work.

    Your favorite Mr Garfield knew what he was doing :)
  • Just played a game on OCTGN. It took forever. Opponent really helped me with the awful UI. Most of it is just bad. Some of it is unexpectedly good, so you don't realize. For example, to get a card out of trash, just drag it out into your hand. The worst part about it is that it doesn't really enforce the rules. You can just give yourself 99 credits or whatever. The good part is you can just cheat and manually edit anything to fix all the mistakes and errors caused by the shitty UI. It barely handles any rules for you. It's like playing in person only online. You have to calculate your own ICE costs and everything.

    At first I was playing Netrunner because it was the new hotness. Then I played more because it was pretty good, and was starting to get hot, and I'm in somewhat close to the ground floor. As of a few days ago I still didn't like it as much as the awesome Eurogames, especially with the luck factors. But every time I play I like it more and more. Every game I play I learn something new. The rock/paper/scissors of deck construction matters a lot less than in other card games. What you decide do do with your clicks matters the most, as long as your deck isn't completely broken.

    For example, the game I just played on OCTGN the guy used the new Jinteki identity card. You can't run a remote server unless you run a central server first. Ok, so I paid to run R+D then ran his remote.

    Learning #1: Oooh, I'll just run archives and then run a remote.

    Once I learned this he put a nasty ICE there.

    Learning #2: The first ICE on R+D is Sensei. I can run R+D, jack out after Sensei for free, then run the remote.

    He knew this all along, but didn't remove sensei until I figured it out. I will now never make these mistakes for any time that card comes up again ever.

    There are things like this to learn for almost every card. Not like M:TG. How much is there to learn about a 1/1 creature?

    One more thing about the sleeves. I realized it's actually possible to shuffle them somewhat properly if you put the bottoms of the sleeves together. But then when you mix them, they are no longer all in the same direction. If there were some kind of sleeve that could be sealed air-tight after the card was inserted, then perhaps it could be shuffled. I bet a company like 3M could solve this problem if they have not done so already.
  • Yep, there are so many little interactions to learn. The new card Trick of Light is going to be really fun too. Turn your traps or advanced ICE into agenda advancing.

    If you are interested you should quickly browse a spoiler of the original CCG Netrunner. The design space that they have to draw upon is so deep. I know they are mostly making their own versions of the cards to suit the flavour of the different factions but you have to see what they have to work with. SO many cool cards :)

    THAT is why I'm so excited about Android: Netrunner. I know what they have on their hands. What they can do. And it's fucking great.
  • Best strategy video I've seen.

  • I don't think anyone here is going to be in the NYC tournament tomorrow. Even if you were, I really don't care or expect to win. Here are the decks I've settled on.
  • Yeah, that's a great vid. I like how he talks about small percentages, which is a lot of what Netrunner is about. Trashing the top card of R&D ever so slightly thins the deck and means corp has a tiny more percentage chance to draw an agenda.

    It's also funny how he assumes what *may* be in each remote server, based on how well defended it is, THAT is a great time for the corp to get their bluff on, and try to push through an agenda when the runner thinks it's just an asset.

    Double bluff!!!
  • Did not come in last place! First opponent beat me twice. Second opponent we split games, but he had more points so took the match. Third opponent I won twice. Fourth I split, but again lost because he had more points. So actually, I won half the games. I just lost three out of four matches. Three of my four wins were runner, so I really need to work on my corporation play.

    The first game I won, I won almost instantly by insane luck. I had early crypsis and magnum opus for cash. I hit Maker's eye at game start to score. I hit account siphon twice to take all his moneys. He scored an accelerated beta test, but drew no ice. I scored an agenda off the table. I stupidly did not go into archives, or I would have won more quickly. I then scored out of R+D. It was ridiculous. I just felt so bad winning in so few turns with so much luck.

    Another game I played against another opponent was the best and most epic. I won, but he had six points. It lasted almost the entire time slot. It was a constant back and forth. I had a full rig, and I just spent turns taking credits and running against really deep and heavy ice every third turn or so. So many times I drew nothing. He was trying to scorch me, so I had to keep removing tags and making sure I had clicks left after my runs. One time I did get hit, but had enough cards in my hand to survive. Eventually I managed to score out of R+D to end it. I wish every game went like that.
  • So, I just played a game with Ro, and I was the runner for the first time. I literally took a Neural Katana to the face with only 2 cards in hand. This was only turn 5 too so, an early, easy win for Ro as the first time playing corp.
  • So, I just played a game with Ro, and I was the runner for the first time. I literally took a Neural Katana to the face with only 2 cards in hand. This was only turn 5 too so, an early, easy win for Ro as the first time playing corp.
    That's a mistake that is easy to make before you know all the cards. ICE come in three kinds. Barrier, sentry, and code gate. Barriers mostly end runs. Code gates do weird special effects. Sentries fuck you up with damage and other nasty shit. I don't run against face down ice unless I have a sentry breaker, a hand full of cards, or spare clicks to remove tags and such. Letting subroutines on barriers or code gates execute is usually not so bad, but you usually can't let a sentry go unbroken.

    Also watch out for the data mine which is a trap type. Only crypsis can break it!
  • Data mine: Or just take the 1 net damage and let it die?
  • I just realized. Netrunner is a convoluted "cybertalk" generator.
  • I feel disappointingly bro-ish when someone ICEs their server and I think "That server just got iced!"

  • I feel disappointingly bro-ish when someone ICEs their server and I think "That server just got iced!"


  • I just realized. Netrunner is a convoluted "cybertalk" generator.
    It totally is, and I think that cyberpunk and tcg players didn't mix back in the 90's when the game originally came out, thus the game dying back then. I still need to play a game of Infiltration, and maybe try the Android board game as well. I like the branding, and WotC and Fantasy Flight have put a lot of effort into the IP this time around.

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    I think this was more the reason it died, in asking of Richard Garfield, its creator:

    Q: An early twist in the plot. Do you have any idea why Netrunner didn't take off? I love the game and consider it Magic's equal but have had to sell my cards for lack of interest in my city.

    A: I learned a lot from Netrunner. There were many factors to Netrunner's poor performance but the biggest was certainly Magic. Trading card games are hard to switch; players have a large investment in time and money. Also a good trading card game is eternally fresh in some sense so the urge to switch over isn't nearly as strong. If Netrunner was made by a company that needed it to work it would have had a better chance - but the best Wizards could really hope for was take Magic players from Magic.

    On a related note, I can't find the interview at the moment, but Richard Garfield basically says something along the lines of "Netrunner is M:TG but fixed."

    Specifically, with mana, there is no "snowball" effect, one player cannot just ramp out. You each get 4 actions in Netrunner, and that keeps the flow/pace of the game fairly even.

    He also said that if you get a bad hand.. draw cards! If you need money, spend actions to get some!

    Ie you just adapt on the fly. Both of which you cannot do in MTG, you are bound by your cards in hand only. He tried to fix that. lol, guess he tried, well, it didn't take off, but it's back now!!!! :)
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  • Also, magic and the original netrunner were collectible. The LCG concept really helps a lot. It seems to be bringing players from the board game / dominion communities together with CCG players. I see both kinds in the NYC Netrunner community.
  • Scott, I think your tournament report is on BGG. Ton of photo's too.

    Just need more detailed game reports, but I guess that's up to each person to supply those :)
  • Yeah, here it is. That picture with the crypsis is the one where I won nearly instantly. The one with the trap/flatline was me getting killed in round 1.
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    Phil and I are loving netrunner around the globe. I've been playing a purple corp deck (first install 1 money) with heavy money and mostly green influence. He's playing red virus (trash top r&d) deck, with crypsis, magnum opus, super console, djinn. I lose if my shuffle is too inconsistent (not enough ice/money) so I pre-balance my deck order and then 7xriffle, since after a game, my deck is practically sorted. I will admit it borders on superstitiousness.

    Could totally use those top up cards, Scott. Esp. Archived memories or those delivery cards. Looking forward to more expansions. Some of the cards sound like exactly what I need. And 3M could probably make the perfect sleeve. Super staticky on the inside, Teflon on the outside.
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  • I lost once to the anarch runner who was using Medium to dig through R+D. I forgot those were virus counters, and I could remove them by spending a turn.
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    Same. One game Phil killed me with medium for exactly that reason. I remember now ^_^
    On review, our corp decks are fairly similar.
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  • I'm thinking of trying the Jinteki identity card from Trace Amounts. Force them to run on a core server before a remote server. That way I can just have to make sure each core server has one nasty ice in the front, and then I can have less defense on a melange/adonis/pad campaign to get credits.
  • I'm thinking of doing the same thing, Scott. The new Trace Amounts pack added some great cards for Jinteki. I tried to make a trap deck out of the starter box but it was pretty weak. I think now it's possible.
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