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I started Godus-ing.


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    Is the beta open?


    Open for pre-order customers
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  • Is that like the old game Populous where you play as a god raising and lowering the land?
  • Apparently its a 'spiritual successor' to that.
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    You can just buy it on Steam right now.

    As a tutorial they have you build up from this island and work your way towards the mainland, which will be your home. I'm going to take Molyneux's advice from his keynote. I will be an evil god. As soon as we are established on the mainland, I'm going to destroy the fuck out of the starting island. Maybe with a flood. They are particularly susceptible to that. In theory this will make my people learn not to settle in flood-vulnerable areas, right?
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  • Ahh I see now. What's your first take on the gameplay?
  • Ahh I see now. What's your first take on the gameplay?
    So far all I have done is populus-like activites. Flatten out land. Get people to build to increase population. Collect "belief" energy. Use it to flatten more land. Fun, but nothing amazing yet.

    Also, the controls of flattening land are a little finnicky. Not bad, but could use improvement.

    Also, I can't figure out how to rotate the camera, which I would very much like to do.
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    I think the game is intended for touch screen controls. Optimising for mice will come later I guess.

    This video may be out of date, regarding the camera
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  • I think the game is intended for touch screen controls. Optimising for mice will come later I guess.
    Hmm, well considering the only way to play it right now is on PC.

    Maybe I'll try playing it with Wacom tablet. That should help me increase my Wacom skills.
  • Curiosity – What's Inside the Cube? Was the precursor to Godus, they're trying to support as many platforms as possible (including the Ouya).

    Cubes = Voxels

    Also, out of curiosity what tablet do you have? Go a Bamboo Pen myself for the photoshops
  • Intuos 5 Touch Small. I use it for the photo editing.
  • Shift+a and Shift+w rotates the camera, however if you try to move the camera at all it snaps back to it's original orientation. It's a beta /shrug
  • game looks hella interesting.... when it's gold I'll be checking it out. I kinda missed out on all the older god games but they seem cool.
  • Populous was a big influence on me as an early PC gamer. I feel the call of the Molyneux.
  • I really enjoyed Black and White.
  • Played Godus with Wacom. It's way better than with the mouse. The problem is my hand starts to hurt.
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    I think most people are complaining about all the clicking. Click + hold should resolve that. They just need to make that fix.

    Holding a stylus is fatiguing on the wrist anyway, just like writing for along time. Touch screens are the ideal interface.
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  • I know, right? What are they thinking that you can only sculpt these tiny bits at a time? Such a pain in the ass.
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    Would be good if as part of the interface, that the area of effect is highlighted.

    So maybe you can have varying levels of sculpting God powers that could: allows you to control several layers simultaneously, a larger area on a single layer, remove all trees in a given radius, remove all rocks, etc.

    Then that might defeat the point of, being persistent and curious, digging deep to uncover secrets. I guess they just need to rejig the balance between the amount of clicks you need to make for certain things. Or hide secrets so deep, you would still need that really curious behaviour to uncover.
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  • I thought I was able to remove all trees because the finger of god sets them on fire.

    Then I had to click all the dead trunks. At least I could see...
  • I do like the use of the wilhelm scream. It's pretty timeless.

    The music that plays when you pop each bubble was annoying, after hearing it a few times. They should vary it up, change the song every time you break the 'combo'.

    A minimap is essential I think, or at least some kind of compass.
  • I hate how when I zoom all the way out, I can see the limited draw box. I have a 680, draw everything.

    I also really hate the totem. I can only have one totem, and it attracts ALL guys. I was trying last night to make a new village only consisting of one type of human. I let them out of their homes, and then totem'd. A spare human who was lazing about came and built a house. Then I had to save up for the finger of god to kill him off. Then another showed up, and I had to save up again. I would also like an easy way to do a small bit of damage, like kill one person or smash one house.
  • I feel that those limitations might be a result of porting the game from tablet/ smart phone to the PC.

    For example an RTS would just let you drag select a group of units, and send them wherever. This is easily done with a mouse, because you can see a cursor.

    The design of the game is such to make 'clicking on things' the only action. Since that's how most mobile games are played.
  • You guys have all actually played Populous right?
  • You guys have all actually played Populous right?
    Yes, it didn't have these control issues.

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    Hurts my head to watch. Zoom out!
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  • Looks fun but I was thinking that it might get boring when I was watching Molyneux play at PAX. Might wait to see how it pans out a bit more.
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