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Anti-GamerGate Appreciation Thread (Daikun Free Zone)



  • A lot of people, news sources are weighing in. Polygon recently as well.

    I am amused at the proGG women on HuffPo, when Brianna Wu and Anita are getting major and larger news outlets like CBS, CNN, NY Times and many more.
  • They were tweeting this a few days back. It made a lot of GG folks I know on another forum very sad.

  • Eron Gjoni, the creator the whole fiasco, doesn't quite regret his actions.
    “If I could go back in time and tell myself not to do this. I wouldn’t. That is, I wouldn’t tell myself not to. Because it’s for the best. Regardless of how the outcome is actually getting painted. As this giant harassment campaign against women filled with all sorts of death threats. On the ground the movement isn’t barely like that.”
    Basically it wasn't about hurting women, but that's why you told Something Awful and Reddit about it first, added "entertainment value" and coached people via IRC on how to harass Quinn.
  • Yeah, he had a legit case talking about abuse, but frankly, he's still an arsehole.
  • Check out this interview with Anita.

    When she's not in an edited video, she said "you know" nine times! In one paragraph, she said it five times. I'M NOT ALONE!
  • you know, I'm not bugged by that.
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    Apreche said:

    Check out this interview with Anita.

    When she's not in an edited video, she said "you know" nine times! In one paragraph, she said it five times. I'M NOT ALONE!

    You guys are kindred spirits, you know.

    Edit: I was at Geek Girl Con and she was there. She is short.
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  • The current hot news is this guy quitting Destructoid. What I can't find, despite a more than cursory Googling, is whether or not he's bad or Destructoid is bad. Anyone know?
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    It seems to have little to do with gamergate, and as best I can divine, it's primarily because he doesn't agree with how the issue with another writer, Allistar Pinsof, was handled. The only reason gamergate is involved is because the guy who fired Pinsof consulted with the GameJournoPros group, and in the eyes of GamerGate, that automatically makes it collusion, and grand conspiracy, and other dire shit - when, really, Pinsof went off the reservation and started going against explicit instructions of his employer, and frankly, did something that was pretty unethical, namely, outing a trans person as trans when they didn't wish to be out about it.

    Really, there's multiple answers to the question - Dale North isn't bad, he's leaving because he has a disagreement with how his employer handled a situation, so fair enough. Destructoid isn't bad, they did something that was entirely reasonable in that situation - fired an employee who went against explicit instructions and did something that was ethically unsound. Pinsof isn't bad - he did something wrong, because he thought it wasn't, and when he found out that it really was, he did his best to make amends with the injured party.

    In gamergate's eyes - Dale North was an evil, horrible, corrupt SJW monster a week ago, and now he's a hero for standing up to destructoid, a viper's nest of those evil SJWs and feminists. Destructoid is bad. Pinsof is a hero, because he did what he thought was right and supposedly exposed a fraudulent Indiegogo campaign(it wasn't), and they're ignoring the part where he basically went "Oh fuck I actually did the wrong thing here guys."
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  • God I love SJW to Skeleton.
  • I, too, love skeleton to Skeleton.
  • Gives me a moment of confusion when I say it. I also have Feminist filtered to "Frankenstein."
  • Oh my god. I can't stop watching this dudes videos. He's awesome! He's not as entertaining as, say, Extra Credits, but he goes long and deep which I wish EC would do more often.
  • That video was very good.
  • Incredible video. Especially when he covered the political nature of all forms of art/entertainment.

    It really stuck with me when my brother and I argued about GamerGate. He said he is pro-side because the debate is really just going to be a stepping stone to manipulating the constitution. That 3rd-Wave Feminism is leading to the remove of "due process" with the leniency of juries towards women in custody battles and the "yes means yes" laws in California will create more abuse.

    ...dude's going to be lonely as fuck from that attitude.
  • This guy just keeps talking and talking. He needs to put in some pacing and pauses.
  • According to the internet the Gamergate stuff is going to appear on the colbert report tonight
  • GamerGate.mp4
  • You had me at "On paper I have nothing against white nationalism."
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    I'm making something dumb related to this. Stay tuned.
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    So, Apparently I lost three subscribers over that video. The gomergate kids are amazing in the level of ridiculous butthurt they display.

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  • 4 seconds of video leads to that? I'd say I was surprised, but I'd be lying.
  • Good to cull the herd. Definitely don't want any misogyny in our community.
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