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Tickets are on sale SOON, so time to make the thread.

Even if my panels aren't accepted, I'll be [E]nforcing again, so not going to be reloading any pages. I'll let someone else take care of the hotel situation.


  • Giving up Cobra Command for hotels was one of the best decisions I've made stress wise. It's beautiful really.
  • SOON is anywhere in the next week or 2...?
  • Yes. Normally Wednesdays. Have notifications for @Official_PAX on Twitter turned on. Go to Reddit

    Best of luck to you guys.
  • Hmmm Gotta decide whether I'm going this year... hmmmmm
  • Ugh I'm already scared to leave the apartment now
  • I might go to this East this year actually. I think my buddy in Indiana wants to go and now has a job with disposable income and free time. Sorta depends if I figure out job shit before they go on sale hopefully.
  • I'm going to submit two panels this year, but will attempt a 3DAY as a backup plan. If that falls through, I'll probably go [E] instead of getting a badge from Games on Demand.
  • Woo, it's my favourite lottery of the year!
  • If I win the ticket lottery, I will buy max quantity of course. Note: it has increase $20 more and a 3-day is now $95. Slow creep. Won't slow sales!

    My status is the most evenly split distribution of "I don't fucking know." So close to PAX South, which I gave a higher priority. Will I be able to swing it with work? Will I be able to swing it with family? Wife wants to come again with the kid, who should get a lot more out of it (beyond drooling on Carcassonne tiles and pooping during the middle of games, circa 2012). But wife won't know until late whether she can swing it with her work. I want to Enforce of course, but wouldn't if my family was there. Complicated decisions. Whoah.
  • I'm enforcing as well, most likely in PC Freeplay. Most of my downtime will be topping some tables, though.
  • Enforcers, a casual reminder that you should be checking the forums for PAX East around this time of year.
  • Yes, Enforcers should indeed remember to look at that forum sometime today.
  • Thank you for the helpful reminder, it surely helps.
  • Truly, I have now looked.
  • I have succeeded in looking. Most possible success.

    Don't forget about the afterparty on Monday. ;^)
  • Also you might want to go asking after that guy on the forums with the sick-as-fuck name badges. Get in early, and all that.
  • Churba said:

    Also you might want to go asking after that guy on the forums with the sick-as-fuck name badges. Get in early, and all that.

    Yeah. I heard he's a handsome gentleman who makes quality product.

  • It's true, he definitely makes a high-quality product.
  • I dunno if it says more about me, you guys, or this forum, but I can't help but think that "Product" is a euphemism for "Semen".
  • Based on the timing of last year, and the fact that PAX South panel reg ended not too long ago, I suspect it'll be this week.
  • I honestly thought it was going to be today. I suppose I still have time to be proven correct.
  • My money was on today at 1PM EST. I lost.
  • I'm putting money on 2:00pm tomorrow.

    Whoever guesses closest (to the minute) in this thread wins. Your most recent post with a bet is the only one that counts.

    I put my money down now on 2:15pm 11/13/2014
  • The LONG GAME, 12:30pm 11/17/14
  • Time zones, Rym. What time zone?
  • Starfox said:

    Time zones, Rym. What time zone?

    The time zone of PAX East, obviously. ;^)

    2:15pm EST 11/13/2014
  • Reddit's already been doing this and failing spectacularly since September.
  • Is it Price is Right rules, Rym?

    15:00 EST 11/19/2014. Is this metaphorical money or real person money?
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